TCS-iON CCQT Exam: An under-graduate’s best shot at landing a corporate job in top 125 Companies.


CCQT, or Common Corporate Qualifier Test is of late creating a name for itself. TCS-iON has revolutionized hiring with the launch of its CCQT Exam. Previously known as TCS iON National Qualifier Program, the TCS iON CCQT Exam has carved a niche for itself as a college student’s best shot at landing a corporate job.

Academic exceptionalism is not enough to guarantee placement in top companies that come for campus placement:

The end goal of any college going student who has the ambition to make a name in the corporate sector is to land a promising role in top companies through campus placements itself. While students may not fall short of academic excellence, they may not end up in their dream company. A lot of factors may come in the way. For instance, a student’s college may not have a placement cell, or the company he/she may want to work in might not necessarily go to their campus for placements. In such a situation, what does the student do?

The struggle of on-campus placements and how to enhance your chance for placements:

We discussed above that not every company goes to every college for campus placements. Moreover, not all students get placements in the companies that do come for hiring in their colleges. Ask around, and any graduate will tell you that finding off-campus employment is no piece of cake. It is a lot of struggle and you may end up feeling uninspired in the job market with no company ready to roll out a job offer. This is why on-campus placement is taken very seriously. To get placed on-campus itself, students need to boost their credentials. This is where the CCQT Exam comes in and saves the day.

Over 125 companies use CCQT to shortlist students to recruit from campuses:

From the perspective of a college student who is looking for that big opening in terms of employment in top companies, the CCQT Exam has proved to be the ultimate silk route to corporate employment. Top consultancies such as TCS and Wipro, IT Companies like Infosys, and well renowned banks like HDFC, and many more have partnered with TCS iON. Over 125 companies have signed up with TCS iON so far, which means that these companies will now use CCQT to shortlist students to recruit from campuses. To enhance your chance for campus placement, you should definitely take the CCQT Exam!

Prepare for the CCQT Exam for placement in 125 partner companies:

Without question, the CCQT Exam has proved to be an undergraduate’s best shot at landing a top corporate job, both on-campus, and off-campus. To guarantee your spot in top corporate offices, you should think of CCQT as your Holy Grail, especially if your dream company does not come to your campus for placements. With a good CCQT score, you will attract the attention of over 125 companies and come under the radar of top corporate recruiters.

Give yourself the best shot at landing a corporate job in the top 125 TCS iON partner companies. Sign up for the best coaching program for TCS-iON CCQT Exam today.