Why every student needs access to industry-relevant skills and how Career Launcher can help


Let’s say a child somewhere in a remote area in the country wants to pick up new skills, but the university he/she studies in does not offer such courses; should he/she be deprived of learning just because there is no university nearby? Or just because the university he/she studies in does not offer new age relevant courses? Of course not!

Universal Education means quality education for all:

Every student deserves quality education irrespective of where he/she lives. No matter where you study, you need to have access to relevant new age courses in the market to survive in upcoming vibrant careers of tomorrow. Getting skilled in new age skills in finance and technology is the need of the hour. To accomplish this goal, Career Launcher has created an integrated platform for students where they can get certified in the course of their choosing.

Up-skill to keep up with the trends of the time:

Students need to be skilled in the areas where it matters, and not every education institution today has the infrastructure or the faculty to meet this goal. To bridge this gap, Career Launcher has now officially partnered with AICTE approved institutions. Our Machine Learning and Finance courses are designed to best equip you with the latest trends in the job market. Our courses in Finance and Data Science will be made available to all students in all universities regulated by AICTE.

Get certified in industry-relevant courses while simultaneously getting your degree:

You can now get certified in Career Launcher’s prestigious industry relevant courses and up your credentials while simultaneously getting your degree. This is made possible by Career Launcher’s official association with AICTE as a designated training partner. This is bound to transform higher education and will soon set in motion a new culture of learning within college campuses itself.

Get recognized by top Employers:

We are often guided by the greater objective of getting into the profession of our dreams. Due to the intensity of competition today, the need of the hour is to up-skill. Getting your hands on these certifications will significantly enhance your portfolio as it will make it that much easier to get recognized by top employers. Getting certified in programs like Machine Learning, or being FRM certified for example, will put you ahead of the race, making you the obvious pick from a pool of candidates with the same qualification as you as these additional certifications will add to your credentials.