Why non-tech, non-management undergraduates should take the CCQT Exam seriously.


Leading companies in India are on the lookout for the best and brightest pedigree of college students for employment. Campus placements are on the rise with major MNCs taking the effort to source fresh talent from college campuses itself. However, there is an unfair bias in terms of placement opportunities, with the best packages being laid out for those students who have a professional degree in either tech or management. In the light of all this, where do non-tech, non-management under-graduates go?

The questionable fate of non-tech, non-management undergraduates:

As a non-tech, non-management regular college student with your whole life ahead of you, how do you align your personal interests with the right career field? How do you come in contact with the top employers in your chosen field? How do you distinguish yourself and grab the attention of top corporate employers? How do you carve a space for yourself and announce to the world that you are just the right fit for their company”? You take charge of your future and make the most of existing opportunities.

Why undergraduates, especially non-tech, non-management undergraduates need to take the CCQT Exam seriously:

The future can seem bleak and scary for a regular undergraduate student who may not have studied management, or finance, or economics, or tech, or a field of study that sees maximum placement offers. The CCQT Exam pre-qualifies you for corporate hiring, thereby giving you the best chance at making it to top companies. Major Corporates like Unilever, TCS, HDFC Bank, and about 125 other companies have already started using the CCQT Exam as selection criteria for their hiring process. Don’t be left behind.

The best time to prepare for your future is the time you take charge of your future:

Whether you like it or not, your future is in your hands. You are the architect of your own success. Thus, it is vital that you are well informed about the choices you make. The best time to prepare for your future is the time you take charge of your future. As an undergraduate, you may want to take on the corporate world at the earliest because working in a top company will not only give you the exposure you need, but it will also make your life predictably steady as you can easily climb up the corporate ladder once you are employed in a company of repute.

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