Beyond the Classrooms; Student Centric Approach


At ISBR, our unwavering commitment is to empower every student for success, underpinned by our dedication to providing a world-class educational experience. The cornerstone of this commitment is the “Students Success Centre,” a specialized hub at ISBR that ensures the holistic development of each student across personal, professional, and academic dimensions through a multi-faceted mentoring approach. This includes corporate, faculty, international, peer, and senior batch mentoring, with 360 first-year PGDM students benefiting from the guidance of 28 dedicated ISBR mentors. The Students Success Centre also places a premium on maintaining high-quality mentoring standards and developing e-portfolios for all students.

Renowned for our industry engagement, ISBR has consistently received AICTE CII awards since 2016, recognizing our position as the premier institute with strong industry links. Over the past five months, more than 200 industry experts have actively participated in grooming our students, exemplifying the depth of industry interaction at ISBR. With a unique co-teaching approach involving industry experts in 30% of all courses, students benefit from a rich array of experiences, including CXO talks, Learn from Master sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. Actively participating in external events such as G-20 summits, TiE, ELCIA, ELCITA, CII, and other associations further ensures the professional grooming of our students. Emphasizing in-depth learning, we adopt an experiential learning approach through activity-based teaching, Harvard cases, reflective assignments, and projects across all courses each semester.

Our students have a proud legacy of excelling in regional, national, and international competitions. In the last five months alone, they secured multiple awards in various inter-college competitions, demonstrating their academic prowess and global engagement by contributing papers to conferences in Indonesia.

Industry visits to prominent companies like TITAN provide valuable insights into real-world operations, complemented by participation in value-added programs, courses, certifications, and skill-based initiatives such as “Disruptive Idea to IPO,” “Trading & Finance,” “Service Learning,” and “Microsoft Azure.” Aligned with the NEP 2020 practices, our curriculum ensures a well-rounded education.

ISBR’s diverse range of clubs covering fifteen domains, including finance, marketing, and sustainability, fosters active participation from every student. Additionally, our commitment to social impact initiatives is evident through the active engagement of all students. The Student Ambassador Program, a unique initiative, involves more than 150 first-year students working with 20 offices of ISBR in a campus internship, providing real-world learning experiences.

Students are encouraged to pursue internships even in the first semester, with opportunities ranging from consulate offices to international placements. This aligns with ISBR’s commitment to producing socially responsible professionals equipped with real-world experience.

In conclusion, ISBR Business School stands out for its significant achievements, diverse learning experiences, and the continual development of students’ skills. Our comprehensive approach, blending academic knowledge with practical skills, ensures that our graduates are well-prepared for success in their future endeavours.


Authored By:
Dr. Anand Agrawal , Executive Director
ISBR Business School, Bengaluru