MBA at Amrita School of Business – World-Class Education with Social Responsibility


Amrita University has received an ‘A++’ rating from NAAC and is considered one of India’s premier research universities. The government of India has designated the institution as an Institute of Eminence, and it is rated 5th in India in the NIRF 2021 rankings. Amrita University has constantly been recognised among the Top 500 universities in the world, and it was ranked 81st in the world in THE Impact Rankings in 2021.    

Amrita has about 18,000 students and 1,750 academic members, with 600 of them holding a PhD or DM. The staff-to-student ratio at the university is 1:10, which is among the finest in the country, especially among private universities. The university has strong relationships with not just Indian and international corporations, but also top-tier foreign universities.  


Amrita School of Business (ASB) offers broad-based and specialized business education, preparing students to face the ever-growing challenges in the advanced business environment with confidence.

ASB has always encouraged the growth of knowledge by conducting regular course-work, live projects   and case studies pertaining to the different industrial sectors and verticals. Our Bengaluru campus also offers Dual Degree & Student Exchange programs with international universities for eligible students.  

Within 26 years of its establishment in 1996, Amrita School of Business has succeeded in carving out a niche for itself and maintain its identity in providing quality education enriched with human values. Committed to the twin pillars of quality and value, ASB has become a vibrant and dynamic place to seek professional education. Amrita School of Business has undertaken a rich spectrum of industry interface activities both as part of the course curriculum as well as in the form of Management Colloquia, MDPs, Consultancy, and Customized In-Company Programmes.

The aim of the institution is to offer support and create an environment centered on value-based management education. The university has strong relationships with not just Indian and international corporations, but also top-tier foreign universities.   


Amrita University has 6 campuses in three Indian states: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, with its headquarters in Ettimadai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We have over 150 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in a variety of disciplines. Amrita has about 18,000 students and 1,750 academic members, with 600 of them holding a PhD or DM. The staff-to-student ratio at the university is 1:10, which is among the finest in the country, especially among private universities.

Amrita School Of Business – AMRITAPURI

The Department of Management at the Amritapuri (Kollam) Campus offers a broad-based and specialised business education that prepares students to confidently meet the ever-increasing demands of the corporate world. Students gain important business knowledge and skills, as well as a strong understanding of business values, which are critical for corporate success. The Amritapuri campus is situated in the scenic town of Vallikavu, on the banks of the Kerala backwaters.

Amrita School Of Business – BENGALURU

The Bengaluru Campus of Amrita School of Business is the pinnacle of management education. The school provides a full-time MBA-MS and a part-time Executive MBA-MS management program in addition to regular ones. The former program gives students a global perspective with its well-known international dual-degree curriculum, which is provided in conjunction with the State University of New York, Buffalo, USA. Under the program, students can experience the benefits of international education at SUNY, Buffalo by taking classes at the campus for up to four weeks. 

Amrita School Of Business – COIMBATORE

The Amrita School of Business at Coimbatore Campus offers a broad-based and specialised corporate education, preparing students to confidently meet the ever-increasing challenges of the business world. Students gain important business knowledge and abilities, as well as a strong respect for business values, during the course of their two-year program, which is critical for effective corporate performance. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) has accepted the School of Business as a member, and it is pursuing AACSB certification. AACSB certification is the highest level of success for business schools throughout the world.

Amrita School Of Business – KOCHI

Since its foundation in 1996, Amrita School of Business, a tier-1 B-School, has consistently been ranked among the top 30 private B-Schools. Amrita School of Business Kochi was one of three Amrita School of Business campuses that opened in 2009. The Week ranked ASB Kochi as the 7th top B-School in South India in 2011. ASB offers postgraduate and doctoral management programs with specialisations in finance, human resources, marketing, operations, and systems.

ELECTIVES AT Amrita School Of Business 

In the MBA program, a student must take 12 electives for credit, two in term three of the first year and the remaining ten in the second year. Students are free to choose the same, but only if a student has taken at least 5 electives in a certain field can they claim to go for a specialisation in that particular domain. 

Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems & Analytics, and Operations are the prominent areas of specialisation.

Internally, Amrita has defined several optional courses as core to the region to avoid unusual scenarios where students claim to be from a given specialisation without studying necessary electives core to the subject. At least three domain-based electives must be chosen by all MBA students.

‘Consumer Behaviour’ in Marketing and ‘Business Analytics’, for example, are electives that are essential to the field of ISA. ‘Business Applications of Digital Technologies’ is an ISA elective, while ‘FinTech’ is a Finance optional that isn’t considered relevant to the field. The usual trend has seen students divide their options as 7 from one area and 5 from another (7 + 5), 6 + 6, or 5 + 5 + 2 in general (from other areas). 


The multi-campus University was founded by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, a world-renowned humanitarian, to give rigorous academic instruction in an atmosphere rooted in Indian cultural tradition.  

Amrita’s vision is to be an exemplary institution that thrives on its commitment to inculcate the transformative power of value-based education, supported by technological and pedagogical initiatives. The university operates with a special focus on health and well-being of the society as a whole, that provide the impetus for goal-oriented research for societal benefit and a motivated educational journey, leading to a harmonious, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Learning with India’s No. 1 ranked and one of the top 100 universities in the world makes a significant difference (Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2021). Amrita University has always placed its limelight on research-based education. Amrita’s research activities are focused on societal, humanitarian, and communal development, as guided by its Chancellor, Amma.

FACULTY AT Amrita School Of Business

Faculty members come from IIMs, IITs, Berkeley, Cornell, XLRI, London School of Economics and Political Science, Florida State University, New York State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nanyang Technological University, Telecom Ecole de Management, Deakin University, and have extensive industry experience with Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, and others.

The Business School’s Mission is “To offer contemporary and quality post graduate management education for life and living; emphasizing research, sustainable development and societal benefits, while engaging with key stakeholders” says Dr Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai, Dean, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore and Bengaluru.


Amrita has a dedicated CIR cell for ensuring excellent placement and higher-education opportunities for all its students. Apart from Life Skills training, CIR also assists in the preparation of entrance exams for higher education. This is due to the fact that not all students choose to accept a placement offer and enter the corporate world right away. Some of them may choose to pursue higher studies, usually in the disciplines of engineering or management. These courses could take place in India or elsewhere and the university ensures all necessary skills including soft skills and technical abilities are imbibed in students during the process of their education at Amrita. 


PLACEMENTS AT Amrita School Of Business 

The variety of positions open to students attests to the fact that Amrita School of Business offers one of the country’s most popular general management programs. 

With over 96% MBA students placed in 2022, the highest package was 19.17 LPA with an average salary slab of 7.09 LPA. The number of first-time recruiters visiting the university has increased dramatically this year and the median salary touched 7 LPA. 

Our alumni have also made such an impression on their employers what with their hard work, devotion, and an imbibed sense of dedication to the industry that all of our previous recruiters return year after year to recruit, with their offtake increasing by the year.

CSR INITIATIVES AT Amrita School Of Business

Dr Raghu Raman, Dean, School of Business, Amritapuri and Kochi says “ASB Amritapuri & Kochi have been actively involved in CSR activities undertaken by the university. Amrita University’s signature initiative ‘Live in Labs’ a multi-disciplinary credit-based student experiential learning program that draws on lean research, envisages, applying theoretical knowledge for developing and deploying sustainable solutions amidst rural communities to face their multiple challenges. Currently Live-in-Labs has more than 150 projects- right from providing clean drinking water, basic infrastructure development to rural literacy programs in 21 states across India, clocking 200,000 plus field working hours.”


Amrita offers a Dual Degree Program with University at Buffalo, State University of New York, USA; and a student exchange programme with Telecom Ecole de Management, France.  

Students Exchange and Research Collaboration with Deakin University, Australia Students Exchange and Faculty & Student Mobility under the European Erasmus Mundus Program with the University of Groningen are also in place at the university.

 With substantial faculty and student exchanges and cross-continental research collaborations, Amrita has created international collaborative initiatives with world-leading institutions in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan. 

‘To deliver current and quality postgraduate management education for life and living; stressing research, sustainable development, and societal benefits, while engaging with important stakeholders,’ says the Business School’s mission.

Amrita epitomises multi-disciplinary academic achievement through the high quality of its education system that is modern, comprehensive, inspiring, expanding, inclusive and exhilarating with specific emphasis on essential human values.