5 brilliant Unconventional Careers


Everyone wants to accomplish something great in life. Marking our stand on the land we walked is a dream worth dreaming. A reputed college degree, secured job, and more, these things fuel the engine of the train of accomplishment. However, the conventional ways of earning gold are, quite frankly, overly hyped? Luckily, this confusing but ragingly forward-moving modern age has opened up so many different paths to success that a conventional career is no longer the only rewarding road to travel.

There are over seven billion humans on this earth and each individual is unique in their own way. Speaking of individuality, hobbies and passion are the one of the most precious feature about humans. Making the best of the existing passion/hobby by wielding it in the right time and age will bring success closer in a faster pace.

There are a variety of unconventional career paths that are quickly becoming more and more popular. Below listed are 5 unconventional careers that are worth pursuing-

  1. Photography:

Photography is an underrated talent. When everything is done and dusted, pictures are all we have left with. In an age of aesthetics, photography is hotly being pursued as a professional career. So, if you’re bubbling with creativity in photography, this is your calling. Continuous practice and perseverance will get you the level where it won’t be just art but also a handsome source of income. Have your photography talent groomed into a rewarding career by splashing over it with a technical background/professional degree. Some of the very popular and demanding fields of photography include fashion, food, weddings, wildlife, etc.

2. Animation:

The aesthetics of modern scenery is vast- among many, one of the most famous is animation. Career in animation is a profoundly rewarding path to follow. The art of image movements through a series of pictures played in successions is now applied to almost every platform. It is no longer limited to cartoons. Animation is now used in so many areas like video games, education sector, films, commercial ads, mobile phones, and many more.

The magic of digital illusions is fast spreading all over the world and the demand for professional animators are very high. The first step in heading towards the direction of animation world is to get a degree in animation/computer graphics. Then, the next would be to apply it practically by practicing religiously to keep improving and to keep getting better.

3. Blogger:

If careers are flames, then blogging is ‘wildfire’. Blogging is very popularly sought, especially by individuals who have a flare for writing. Speaking of writing, should writing be something you genuinely enjoy, blogging is a brilliant choice of profession. In fact, the best part about blogging is that it isn’t narrowed to writing alone. One can blog about food, clothes, travelling- point is, blogging isn’t all about writing like a professional, the clarity of the message and giving the people what they want is trick enough to make it. However, a sincere blogging may require certain skills aside from writing such as professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) implication, frequent update of the blog, utmost patience, etc.

4. Social Media Manager:

With the revolution of social media, careers are only getting more modern than ever. A career as social media manager is an ambitious and promising future. Some of the main skills of managing social media include launching campaigns, engaging with the audience, growing the follower count, etc. One can pursue a career in this line by taking up digital marketing and advertising degree. The other bonus of practicing profession in this field is the flexibility- freelancing, full-time, part- time, contract based, etc.

5. Fitness Trainer:

These days, fitness and staying fit are riding the shotgun in the vehicle of the world. The need to get healthy and live a lifestyle suited for longevity and peace of mind is increasingly gaining importance. While the techno-style of living is brilliantly advancing, so are diseases and ailments. People are becoming more and more heath conscious than ever, and this open a while new window for the demand for fitness and nutrition trainers. A degree in physical education or nutrition/diet will be the first step in pursuing a career in the world of fitness.


The main crucial key to success is to foundation your career with your interests. True motivation vapors from the hot water of hobbies and passion. To close the article, a career in conventional or unconventional fields should go hand in hand with the area of interest. With a proper formal training in the field of your passion, any job scored can be truly rewarding.