What Rank is Good to get into NIT


What Rank is good to get into NIT?

As an Engineering Aspirant a lot many students look for admission to NIT’s (National Institute of Technology). According to Indian parliament NIT’s are considered as organizations of national importance.

Every year approx. 10 lakh students appear for admission in 31 NIT (17967 Seats & 653 Female Supernumerary Seats)Read more For College wise Seats Matrix

All the NIT aspirants must Qualify JEE main Exam and score a good enough rank.

State quota Reservation criteria in the NITs,

  • 50% Seats for Eligible candidates from Home state,
  • 50% Seats for other state’s Candidates 

Having already taken JEE-21, you would be wondering what rank is good to get into NIT.

For your understanding I have listed a few NITs with their previous year closing rank. This would give you a fair idea about your chances of getting admission into an NIT.

List of NIT’s with Previous Year Closing Rank.

Name of NIT Location Course Previous Year Closing Rank
NIT Andhra Pradesh Biotechnology 42,196
VNIT Nagpur Civil 26,059
Nagpur Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 29,764
Nagpur Mining Engineering 34,712
SVNIT Surat Chemical Engineering 26,975
Surat Civil Engineering 38,326
NIT Patna Civil Engineering 35,114
Patna Electrical Engineering 28,442
Patna Mechanical Engineering 30,813
NIT Warangal Bio-Technology 27,588
NIT Nagaland Electronics and Communication Engineering 30,063
NIT Uttarakhand Civil Engineering 45,893
Uttarakhand Computer Science and Engineering 25,239
Uttarakhand Electrical and Electronics Engineering 37,685
Uttarakhand Electronics and Communication Engineering 32,620
Uttarakhand Mechanical Engineering 38,740
NIT Trichy Civil Engineering 32,148
Trichy Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 32,666
Trichy Production Engineering 28,945
NIT Karnataka Mining Engineering 31,554
NIT Srinagar Computer Science and Engineering 28,989
Srinagar Information Technology 49,149
NIT Hamirpur Electronics and Communication Engineering 43,514
NIT Silchar Computer Science and Engineering 31,306
Silchar Electronics and Communication Engineering 47,001
NIT Goa Electronics and Communication Engineering 35,347
NIT Rourkela Bio-Technology 49,309
Rourkela Ceramic Engineering 41,968
Rourkela Chemical Engineering 27,936
Rourkela Civil Engineering 27,661
Rourkela Industrial Design 42,858
Rourkela Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 30,586
Rourkela Mining Engineering 37,123
NIT Durgapur Bio-Technology 42,862
Durgapur Chemical Engineering 33,766
Durgapur Civil Engineering 36,138
Durgapur Mechanical Engineering 30,202
Durgapur Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 37,757
NIT Calicut Bio-Technology 34,635
Calicut Chemical Engineering 29,731
Calicut Civil Engineering 33,968
Calicut Engineering Physic 31,117
Calicut Materials Science and Engineering 34,433
Calicut Mechanical Engineering 25,316
Calicut Production Engineering 35,880
NIT Kurukshetra Civil Engineering 30,008
Kurukshetra Production and Industrial Engineering 36,278
NIT Jamshedpur Civil Engineering 36,937
Jamshedpur Mechanical Engineering 28,531
Jamshedpur Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 38,689
Jamshedpur Production and Industrial Engineering 39,894
MNIT Allahabad Bio-Technology 29,564
Allahabad Production and Industrial Engineering 25,269
MNIT Jaipur Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 28,341
NIT Raipur Electrical Engineering 39,581
Raipur Electronics and Communication Engineering 33,675
Raipur Information Technology 27,760
Raipur Mechanical Engineering 41,553
NIT Jalandhar Civil Engineering 42,749
Jalandhar Instrumentation and Control Engineering 42,141
Jalandhar Mechanical Engineering 31,697


BY : Pawan Kr. Goel (Career Launcher)