CCQT Exam: Best alternative to Campus Placement


For the last few years, the trend that is seen is of students fighting tooth and nail to confirm their spot in reputed institutions with great campus placements despite such colleges proving to be heavy on the pocket. The reason is clear as day. Top Institutions have a reputation of providing excellent campus placements with excellent salary packages. Thus, it comes as no surprise to us that students are willing to take hefty loans to invest in good education with good placements as it ensures that their future is secure.

But the reality is that not all educational institutions have excellent campus placements. Not all companies come for campus recruitment in every college, which means that bright students with the right skills may not even get the opportunity to showcase their competence due to the bad campus placements in their colleges. Moreover, most campus placements that come for hiring are often very limited in its scope. While there are ample of options for business students; there aren’t a lot of options for a sociology or history student. So the question is, where do these students go?

CCQT Exam bridges the gap between students and top corporate bodies:

The CCQT Exam has bridged the gap between ambitious students and top corporate bodies who are looking for the right talent. Whether you are a history student, or a B.Com student, competition has never been so transparent and accessible to you before. With CCQT Exam, you will come under the radar of top corporate bodies with your CCQT Score. This has eliminated the need for students to rely exclusively on their campus placements alone as this exam can be taken by any undergraduate irrespective of which year of college he/she is in.

Placement in top companies has become a walk in the park with the CCQT Exam:

The CCQT Exam, which is launched by TCS iON, is acknowledged by over 125 companies who now use the CCQT to shortlist students to recruit from campuses. To name a few, companies like Unilever, Asian Paint, TCS, Wipro, etc, have already signed up with TCS iON’s CCQT. This means that major corporates today are using your scores in CCQT for their recruitments. This exam enhances your chance of employment as the score you get in this exam is used as a litmus test which attests to your skills in areas that matter to corporate bodies. The art of landing your dream job has never been easier. With TCS iON’s CCQT Exam, you can now pre-qualify for corporate recruitment even before you graduate.

Does this sound exciting to you? If it does, find out more about the CCQT Exam here. To best prepare for this exam, click here.