Crime Rate in Taiwan: Theft, Violent conduct, and other criminal offences


Taiwan is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Its capital, Taipei City, is rated one of the safest cities in the world. In this blog post, we will get into the details of crime in Taiwan.


Crime rate of Taipei vis-a-vis other global cities

The crime rate of Taipei is 19.86. This is much lower than major cities in the world such as:

  • Detroit, USA       :               (71.19)
  • New Delhi, India :               (85)
  • Beijing               :               (56.29)
  • Rome                 :               (54.51)
  • Paris                  :               (52.02)
  • New York City     :               (44.49)
  • Seoul                 :               (37.17)
  • Toronto              :               (34.90)
  • Amsterdam        :               (33.43)
  • Geneva              :               (27.11)
  • Copenhagen       :               (22.76)
  • Hong Kong         :               (21.97)

Theft, Violent conduct, and other criminal offences in Taiwan

According to Taiwan’s official government crime data, criminal cases peaked in Taiwan in 2005 and have steadily declined ever since. From 1992 to 2005, the number of cases increased progressively each year, except for a slight dip between 1996 and 1999. After 2005, the number of cases has steadily decreased every year.

Police separate crimes into three major categories:

  1. Theft,
  2. Violent conduct
  3. Other criminal offences.


Cases of theft in Taiwan

According to Taiwan’s official government crime data, cases of theft have decreased every year since 2005; from 300,000 in 2005 to just over 50,000 in 2017, a decrease of approximately 83 percent.

Cases of violent conduct in Taiwan

Similarly, Cases of violent conduct also started to gradually decline after 2005; from 14,304 in 2005 to just 1,260 in 2017.

Cases of other criminal offences in Taiwan

When it comes to “other” criminal offences, the opposite trend applies. Since 1998, the number of other offences has increased. In recent years, other criminal cases such as handling stolen goods, gambling, general bodily harm, fraud, narcotics offenses, restriction of freedom, negligent driving, disturbances of the peace, firearms, ammunition or weapons offenses, public endangerment, and so on,has exceeded 200,000 cases per year.


What we see in Taiwan is a case of less criminal episode. Violent crime is outstandingly low, and even petty theft is reassuringly uncommon. Cases of theft and violent conduct has drastically reduced, but new forms of crime has proliferated in numbers. But overall, we can logically conclude that the instances of crime is at an all time low, and if you were to go to Taiwan, the chances of you being held at gunpoint or robbed in broad daylight is very low.


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