Machine Learning for Students


As the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) progresses, the more immediate impact is in its ability to analyze and bring meaningful insights and predictions from the vast stockpiles of data available to companies today. The sub-domain of AI that deals with this field is Machine Learning (ML). The biggest differentiation going forward for businesses will be in their mastery of the possibilities and limitations of ML.

Just as one cannot, in this day and age, function without being able to read and write, in tomorrow’s world ML will become the new literacy. According to the World Economic Forum, in the next five years over half of the jobs in the world will be impacted by AI; and many of those people will need to be re-skilled.

Along with the great advances of ML, has come its democratization. A vast array of powerful tools is available for everyone; and they are free to use, free to take apart, learn from, and improve upon. No longer is it solely the domain of the upper echelons of mathematicians and computer scientists.

So, not only can anyone learn machine learning, in fact, everyone should learn it. The Machine Learning Program for Students is an initiative of Career Launcher to bridge the skill gap that exists in the country, in terms of shortage of ML professionals. The Program seeks to benefit students in their pursuit of an industry-relevant profession that is here to stay.

Career Launcher offers two programs in Machine Learning for students:

1. Machine Learning Fundamentals

2. Advanced Machine Learning

The Machine Learning Fundamentals Program is an introductory course, which will prepare you for the highly charged data-driven world by equipping you with the right skills. You will work on sets of data provided by Career Launcher’s partner companies; be taught the techniques that are used to build machine learning models; and get real-time exposure to employment-relevant hands-on projects which will help you become proficient in the understanding—and application—of ML.

The Advanced Machine Learning Program picks up where the Fundamental course ends, and covers boosting algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, building APIs, search engines, and much more.

With the completion of this course, you will become proficient in the language of ML, be able to build your own ML algorithms, and be in a position to fluently understand data sets as you will now be competent in making use of data.

In short, this program holds the promise of transforming you into a skilled professional, well-skilled to land any Data Science-related job.

Why you should choose Career Launcher’s Machine Learning programs:
1. Internships & placements: Guaranteed internships and placements at CL Educate and other partner companies as a Data Science & Machine Learning professional is the key take-away.

2. Real-time exposure and industry-relevant projects: As part of the program, you will directly work on data sets provided by partner companies. What’s more, you will also get the opportunity to work on real-world business problems which are closely related with what a Data Science professional is actually expected to deliver at the workplace. This exposure will provide a much-valued boost to your CV.

3. Hands-on, distraction-free classroom learning: While there are lots of free ML courses available online, nothing beats the guidance that comes with offline classroom courses. In a classroom setting, not only are you able to better absorb what is being taught, but can also directly ask and get answers to your queries on-the-spot.

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Manngailun Zou
Marketing Executive, Career Launcher