In Conversation with IIM Jammu and Bodhgaya


On 17th of April 2021,

The 25-year-old Ed-tech Career Launcher gave another webinar hit!

The first-ever combined webinar of two budding IIMs –  IIM Bodhgaya & IIM Jammu

– and brought home to the students, parents, teachers, and principals of schools, the information on the much-acclaimed 5 years Integrated Program in Management (IPM).

Career Launcher has not only been launching student’s careers but also helping IIMs launch their programs. The Program Chairs and the Admissions Chairpersons of the two IIMs were brought on the same platform by Mr. ARKS Srinivas, President of CL, and in his own inimitable style, elicited the most relevant answers to the queries of students and parents for this new program launched by these IIMs.

The panelist present were Dr. Nitin Upadhyay, chairperson-IPM IIM Jammu, Dr. Rohan Mukherjee, Co-chairperson- Admissions IIM Jammu, Dr. Raveesh Krishnankutty, Chairperson-IPM IIM Bodh Gaya, Dr. Teena Bharti, Member, IPM Committee IIM Bodh Gaya, and the moderator Mr. ARKS Srinivas, President-Career Launcher, Alum IIM-C.

  • Intro to IIM Jammu & IIM Bodh Gaya’s IPM

Moderator: Despite having 20 older IIMs, how have IIM Jammu/IIM Bodh Gaya, the youngest IIMs, envisaged IPM as a prospective career option?

Panelist: We noticed that there is an outflow of bright & young students to pursue that graduation from abroad. Hence we have taken this step, ensuring to maintain global standards of teaching & education.

Sooner or later other IIMs are going to start this program. We have just taken lead among newer IIMs.

Moderator: Why 3 years graduation from IIM Jammu & IIM Bodh Gaya? How is it unique?

Panelist1: IPM is designed in such a way that it will build the right skills at the very right age of the student. Two years MBA is generally quick-paced, by the time you understand what MBA is, one year is over & students focus to get placed in 2nd year. Whereas in IPM, students are coached in portions such that their fundamentals are set right before joining the flagship program. Students learn, practice & evolve in a holistic manner with 360-degree growth.

Panelist2: Entering a top Indian school requires various steps of scrutiny, like CAT Exam, work-ex, & others. We wanted to capture the basic foundation so strongly that it surpasses the CAT exam & students are equipped enough to study MBA from a top b-school. It covers the breadth & depth of fundamentals in their 3 years of time.

  • IPM Specific

Moderator: Do you give an exit option after 3 years? IIM-Bodh Gaya/IM-Jammu what degree will be provided if the student wants to opt-out after 3 years?

Panelist: We strictly follow National Education Policy to provide the degree. We provide 3 exit options:

Exit after the 1st year of IPM- Basic Certificate in Management,

Exit after the 2nd year of IPM-  Advance certificate in Management,

Exit after 3rd year of IPM- A Degree of BBA (Bachelor In Business Management).

Moderator: Is there any difference between the degree provided by IIM Jammu & IIM Indore or IIM Bodh Gaya & IIM Indore?

Panelist: The difference is only of institute name otherwise IPM degree is the same. However, the degree provided by  IIM Jammu &  IIM Bodh Gaya is BBA whereas the degree provided by IIM-Indore is BA.

Moderator: How many seats are available for the IPM program?


IIM-Jammu 60 seats(10 reserved for girls)

IIM-Bodh Gaya- 60 seats

Moderator: Does IIM provide internships to the students over the course of the first 3 years?

Panelist: Project will have opportunities in social & corporate internships. We believe in building social & cultural essence so in a boot camp at Ladakh. For IIM Jammu students will have a chance to experience beauty, understand people sustain their lives, understand how the business appears in that particular zone. We have conceptualized various tasks throughout the program to make our students capable of leading a good life & as responsible leaders.

Moderator: IIM Jammu has a foreign exchange program? Is it compulsory for all the students?

Panelist: Yes, we have a foreign exchange program and we have very good international partners. No, it is not compulsory, It is based on a merit list. After meeting certain basic criteria, students can apply for the foreign exchange program.

Moderator: Is one eligible to get admissions to MBA directly or it will be based on certain academic requirements after the first 3 years? During MBA, will the placement opportunities be the same?

Panelist: Once they clear the basic cut-off of 5.5 CGPA, they will be eligible for the flagship 2 year MBA program & there will be no difference.

Moderator: Any placement opportunities, for students who want to exit after 3 years?

Panelist: As of now, we haven’t thought about it. As it will be the first batch, we hope our students stay back with us.

  • Selection Process & criteria for IPM

Moderator: What is the Eligibility criteria & selection process (apart from the JIMPAT Exam) into IIM Jammu / IIM Bodhgaya?

Panelist: Eligibility criteria are any student who has passed the 12th exam in 2019, 2020 & appearing in 2021. Minimum 60% marks in 10 & 12th class, reservation norms applicable to reserved category. JIPMAT conducted by NTA, 10th &12th marks & gender diversity points.

IIM Jammu: The final merit list breakup is 60% if JIPMAT, 15% from class 10th marks, 15% from class 12th marks & 10 marks for gender diversity.

IIM Bodh Gaya: The final merit list breakup is 70% if JIPMAT, 15% from class 10th marks & 15% from class 12th marks.

Moderator: When you say 15% weightage? Will higher marks obtained have extra weightage?

Panelist: Distribution of marks, higher the marks, higher the weightage. This hierarchy is developed by the institute, let’s say 85% in 10th will get all 15% compared to students who have just cleared the cut-off of 60%.

Moderator:  Would there be a preference for Arts/Humanities/Science candidates while shortlisting for IPM?

Panelist: No such preference, the only thing that matters is what they’ve managed to score in JIPMAT & their academic profile.

Moderator: Will there be an Interview, post-JIPMAT?

Panelist: No, selection will be based on the merit list as discussed earlier.

Moderator: Is there different weightage for state board/ CBSE /ICSE?

Panelist: No, we are treating all the boards in a similar manner.

Moderator: If the 12th class board gets canceled, what kind of marks weightage will be provided in 15% weightage?

Panelist: Right now we can’t decide, we will send an updated notification if such a situation arises.

  • JIPMAT Specific

Moderator: What is the structure of JIPMAT?

Panelist: A computer-based examination, 3 modules, Quantitative Aptitude (QA)- 33 questions, LRDI- 33 questions, VARC-34 questions. Each correct question will fetch 4 marks & incorrect answers will fetch -1 marks.

Duration 150 minutes, 2.5 hours.

Moderator: Will there be a sectional time limit?

Panelist: No, but there is an overall time limit.

Moderator: Given the covid situation, will JIPMAT be conducted on 20th June’21?

Panelist: We are very hopeful to conduct the exams as per schedule, we will have to take a look at the situation & take the call.

Moderator: If a situation arises where boards will be further postponed, will you be conducting exams pre-boards?

Panelist: As of now, we can really predict the situation, hence management will discuss & take a decision.

Moderator: Will there be a sectional cut-off JIPMAT? Or will the overall score be taken?

Panelist: Overall cut-offs have not yet been decided, will be disclosed later probably after JIPMAT.

Moderator: Will the syllabus for QA be up to the 10th class or more than that?

Panelist: The syllabus for QA is up to the 10th class.

Moderator: Will,  SAT or IPMAT be considered as an entrance exam for IPM apart from JIPMAT?

Panelist: No, only JIPMAT will be considered as an entrance exam for IPM for IIM Bodh Gaya & IIM Jammu.

Moderator: Do you separately have to apply for the institutes or writing JIPMAT will suffice?

Panelist: Not required, once you apply to JIPMAT you will default apply to IIM Bodh Gaya & IIM Jammu.

Moderator: Is NTA going to conduct JIPMAT for Indians present offshore in gulf countries?

Panelist: As of now, JIPMAT won’t be conducted offshore.

Moderator: Is there a possibility that JIPMAT can be taken from home?

Panelist: It will be NTA’s decision, they are conducting various exams across the nation like IIT-JEE. Hence, NTA will take a uniform decision if need be.

  • Other Important Questions

Moderator: Are there any scholarship opportunities for the students who want to pursue  5-year IPM from your esteemed institutions?

Panelist: Need-based financial assistance will be provided by the college end.

Moderator: How do I choose between IIM Bodhgaya & IIM Jammu?

Panelist from IIM Bodh Gaya: We focus on the physical & mental well-being of the student. They enabler courses for IT, Communication, course are discipline, skill enhancement

Panelist from IIM Jammu: We both institutes have come together to initiate this program. Having said that, we are the first ones to inaugurate a center for happiness. We are dealing with students who are moving away from their home & friends at a tender age, we want to ensure that they are safe, secured & happy. Manage your well-being, your study & develop your strengths. The curriculum, in-house of the campus, faculty, are very well qualified to bring in a lot of experience. Join us if you are looking for a meaningful experience & purpose of life.

Moderator: IIM Bodh Gaya is having a separate campus?

Panelist: Currently, we will start the program within the IIM Bodh Gaya campus. We have 450 capacity hostels, all the basic amenities are taken care of along with volleyball, basketball & badminton courts, we have a dedicated 5-acre stadium for football & cricket.

However, you are constructing a new campus which will be ready by the year-end of 2022.

Moderator: What advice would you want to give students listening to you as to how to prepare for JIPMAT?

Focus, have peace & be mindful with regards to your JIPMAT you will do really well. Write JIPMAT & get on campus we are waiting for you.