The importance of startup and innovation culture and the need for Industry-Academia connect.

The importance of startup and innovation culture and the need for Industry-Academia connect.

Without innovation, the world will not be where it is today, and without knowledge, we won’t have the basic foundation that we need to innovate. It comes as no surprise that creating the knowledge of tomorrow is the collective responsibility of universities. Without this knowledge, innovation will fail. Exploring the power of research and innovation to solve real-time problems faced by society at large is the most important responsibility of an educational institution as they are the ones who create the talent pool of future thinkers and innovators.

Why Industry-Academia connect is important:

Universities today need to have an interface with those people who are addressing real-time world problems on a day to day basis. In today’s world, it is industries and corporations who are solving these problems. Maruti for instance, is trying to find ways of using energy efficient battery instead of petrol. Similarly, mobile groups are now trying to come up with new innovations to reduce the radiation emitted by mobile phones. Naturally, industries need the support of educational institutions because it is educational institutes that supply the talent and manpower that industries need to innovate. Naturally, industry-academia-connect sits at the heart of innovation. WAIN, or wain-connect, an industry-academia connection platform has made this co-operation a possible reality.

What is WAIN and why you should join this platform:

Worldwide Academia Industry Network (WAIN) is an open innovation platform for creating linkages between academia and industry and Corporations to collaborate in Research and Innovation, Academia-Industry Development Programs, Skills Development, Project-based and Strategic Partnerships. This platform uniquely brings together all stakeholders of an innovation ecosystem such as youth, academic professionals, industry professionals, policy makers and investors to enable the creation of valuable services such as funding, fellowships and sponsorships, mentoring, business and research incubation, talent identification and intellectual property management.
On this platform, you can upload your ideas and innovations. The best ideas will be filtered out, recognized, and rewarded at the Melting Pot which will happen this year on 17 January, 2019 in Bangalore. The exposure you will get from this summit will take your career to new heights as it will give you the rare opportunity of connecting with sharp minds from India and abroad.

Why Melting Pot is the best platform for start-ups and innovators:

MeltingPot is a flagship event of CL Educate. It is a unique platform that brings together the entire innovation ecosystem for collaboration, dialogue and knowledge sharing. The steering committee is graced by some of the largest innovation icons of the country such as Dr RA Mashelkar, Fellow of Royal Society & Former DG, CSIR; Prof S Sadagopan, to name a few.
MeltingPot Innovation Summit is thus, one of the best platforms for showcasing your ideas and connecting with the right people as you will share the stage with brilliant minds in both academia and industry.