How to gain visibility among the most sought-after Corporate Recruiters.


Most private educational universities and colleges today are regulated by AICTE. For those who don’t already know, AICTE is the apex body for the regulation of higher technical education in India. In collaboration with AICTE, Career Launcher is determined to enhance your career prospects and add value to your education. By working closely with all AICTE regulated institutions, Career Launcher hopes to make you well trained, well informed, and better skilled professionals for the industry.

A forward looking Campus Development Center is the need of the hour:

Every university today must have a progressive, highly advanced, and forward looking CDC (Career Development Center) that satisfies the twin objective of preparing you for further education, and making you employment ready. However, most universities lack the infrastructure and the man power to accomplish this. To solve this problem, Career Launcher is collaborating with AICTE to develop their CDC capacity. By making knowledge accessible through Aspiration-AI, and pre-qualifying you for corporate recruitment through rigorous preparation for the infamous CCQT Exam, the twin objective of refining you for further education and employment will be met. This is elaborated below:

1. Meet your ambitions at the click of a button with Aspiration AI:

Through Aspiration AI, Career Launcher will help you prepare for your career dreams and educational aspirations, be it CAT, GATE, GRE, UPSC, SSC or something else entirely. Whether you want to get into a management program, or do a masters or PHD abroad, or crack competitive government exams, success is no longer a distant dream. Aspiration AI gives you access to preparation material, course content, test series, and relevant notifications about the most recent developments in the education world and the job market – all in one place. With Aspiration-AI, you are just one click away from success!

2. Best prepare for the most sought-after Corporate jobs:

To be employed by the best corporate bodies, you need to be best prepared for it. The infamous and highly valued CCQT Exam pre-qualifies you for corporate recruitment as the CCQT Exam is used as a corporate yardstick to assess a student’s competence in the corporate field. As the only certified training partner of TCS-Ion, Career Launcher has tapped into the niche market of getting you employed in the company of your dreams by becoming the only competent authority providing coaching for the exam with its TCS-Ion CCQT (Qualifier) Program.

There is nothing that can keep you from your dream job if you have the ambition to fight for your dreams. But to do that, you need to be aware of the opportunities that are out there. This is where Aspiration AI comes in to help you stay updated of the most recent developments in the education and job market. But to know about the best opportunities is not enough; you also need to be best prepared for the challenges that come your way. That’s what our CCQT (Qualifier) Program can do for you.

All that being said; we encourage you to know the most to make the most and leave the rest to us!