Kick start your studies in new academic session with a study plan

Study Plan for new academic session
Study Plan, New Session

The academic year 2017-18 has already begun.

The big question is – Are you all geared up for studies? Do you have a study plan ready?

New academic session, new class and new books give a refreshing feel to all of us. With the commencement of new class, every student is bubbling with energy and positivity. It’s another time of the year when resolutions are made – to work harder in studies, improve grades and perform better. However, it is observed that some students lose their focus and become casual about their studies. The best way to keep them inclined towards their goals would be to give an effective head start to their studies, especially if you are a senior stream or Class 10th student.

Study plan can be used as an effective tool to enhance studies. A proper study plan should be devised in advance and followed throughout the year. Besides, a student or parent needs to undertake complete analysis of strengths and weaknesses. A new academic year marks the introduction of new subjects and advanced concepts, demanding extra focus and attention. The concepts and chapters taught in the school ought to be revised at home the same day. This practice will not only aid conceptual understanding, but also help in long term retaining for the exam. Ample time is required for practical and numerical subjects like Science and Math. As a student, the focus should be on learning new concept and developing a strong base. As a mentor, I would advise – give your studies a kick start with these simple steps as the race for final examination begins from now.

For those of you who are looking for class-wise study plans, do leave a comment with your email and we will create the same for you.



  1. I am studying Engineering final year and at the same time taking up cat 2016.
    couldn’t neglect any of them as both cat preperation and academics % both are important.
    can you suggest how to manage them simultaneously.?!