Give a head start to college life!

College Life

“College life is that part of your life that you will relish in your memories till you breathe.”

Proper education is necessary for a successful and happy life. Over a period of hundred months in school, moral values and academic knowledge are inculcated in the feeble minds of students.  School life helps you to understand what you are likely to become as an adult. College marks the beginning of adulthood. This is the time when you take full responsibility of your life, decisions and most important your career. College is an everlasting crossroad of different types of people from diversified backgrounds. You must excel in studies along with a wide range of activities to emerge as an all-rounder student.  It is the stage wherein growth can be immense, so you will need to master in studies, societies, internships and society service etc.

College time is an important phase of one’s life. It’s not just about wearing latest fashion clothes or bunking classes or attending SRCC’s fest or trying every eating joint with new friends, it is much more than that. Life changes dramatically from school to college. Suddenly, we start caring about low attendance. Although, students don’t think twice before missing classes, yet those five marks for attendance do matter a lot at the time of final internal assessments. The greed of five extra marks encourages students to regularly attend college regularly and stay focused. This plays a decisive role in securing a good percentage.  In college, teachers might not be as boring as you think. The teachers we come across are generally Ph.D. or Master degree holders. They not only have wide knowledge of their respective subjects but also help you with things other than syllabus. A good relationship with teachers at this point can help you to bag good placements.  Important aspect of college time is your social life. No doubt, it is socially overwhelming to be at college- a wide array of activities, classes, societies, new people and parties are available to you.  One should choose his friends wisely as making right choice today can determine a lot about your future.  College life also brings along with it an opportunity to work and get corporate exposure in advance before hitting final placements. Many students undertake part time or full time internships in summer breaks or along with college which adds to their profile. Needless to say, it is a bumper bonanza as you learn a lot from experience and become a complete package, additionally you receive stipend if it is a paid internship. Usually, parents stand like a stone between you and your freedom thus restricting your decisions. But once you are in college, you are considered mature enough to make decisions and take responsibility that may come in. You are free to break away the barriers of rules and regulations.This helps you to make own choices and develop your personality.  College is a lifetime experience wherein numerous opportunities knock your door. Make sure you explore you skills and capabilities and make the best use of opportunities coming your way.

Best of luck!