Role of an engineer..

Role of an Engineer

There is a popular quote – “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” – Adam Scott
Have you ever wondered what is the role of an engineer in a society?
I think you can ask more questions like:

  • Do we need engineers?
  • Why not only scientists?
  • How do engineers contribute to society?
  • Is society better from engineers?

As a CBSE mentor, I interact with school students seeking queries on Engineering as a career, role of an engineer etc. I think the prime role of an engineer is to innovate and design services for the benefit of mankind. They interact with our surroundings and environment to fulfill human demands and needs. It is the role of an engineer to avert any damage to ecosystems, and build required infrastructure that are efficient and safe. Engineers are problem solvers.
Along with high level maths and science, they implement their imagination to come up with practical and feasible methods to execute their tasks. They are widely acknowledged as creators of technologies and hence making our lives easier.

With the pursuit of transforming the world, the role of an engineer can be divided in various functions across areas like:

  • Formulate new principles and techniques by using mathematical and scientific concepts for research.
  • Creatively apply new knowledge to develop new models and gadgets
  • Design new structures or a product to satisfy technical requirements
  • Responsible for preparing a sound infrastructure like buildings, bridges, flyovers etc. in a cost effective manner
  • Production engineer plans the layout and selects the desired tools. He is responsible for designing, implementing the production plan in an efficient way, thereby being economical and Eco-friendly.
  • In countries like the U.S.A., Japan etc., engineers check the potential buyers, analyse their needs, develop products as customer requirements and create a market.
  • Another role of an engineer is to develop ideas and work on big projects under companies with both private and public sector.
  • Engineers never settle themselves for something ‘it will do’. Nothing is perfect to them. Nothing is best to them.
  • Role of an engineer is to work to improvise things and make them efficient and effective.
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