How different is joining a tuition center from home tuition?


With increasing competition and changes in study pattern, workload of students has increased manifolds. Students have to study more than five subjects in an academic year. Needless to say, it is next to impossible to grasp all the concepts in one shot. It sets the expectations from tuitions which provide an additional edge to students not only in assimilating the concepts in a better manner but also excel in studies.

The demand for private tuition is exponentially increasing. Popularly known as home tuition, this mode of tuition is adopted when parents are unable to help their ward in studies and the child calls for personalized attention. The key highlight of home tuition is the personal attention that the student or child receives. The tutor analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the student and helps develop child’s interest in studies. Home tuition also help in boosting the confidence.

Tuition centers or classroom tuition can be called as school away from school. Some students who find themselves weak in certain subjects join tuition centers. Tuition centers are known for trained and experienced teachers who are experts in their respective subjects. These tuition centers provide an opportunity for competitive course study, which helps students to test themselves in comparison with those in class. It acts as a mock examination and gives insights into real examination situation.These additional study hours after the school help students to recall all concepts and grab a good hold on the subject. Tuitions help students to devise their test taking strategy and improve their problem solving ability.

Home tuition or tuition center is a choice. Some parents prefer to allot home tuition to their children as it saves travel time. The tuition centers on the other hand are like extension of schools. Students enjoy learning concepts with others, as this gives them a chance to make friends as well as voice their doubts. Tuition centers have the required infrastructure, systems and processes to not just bring experienced faculty under one roof but also offer test series, and mocks exams. However, in either case, tuition should be able to aid student learning and helps them come out with flying colors in exams. As parents or senior students, you may agree that this choice or decision should be made after weighing the pros and cons of the all the options available.

Are there any other considerations or steps that you take before making this choice?