Action Plan to Tackle the JEE 2019 in its New Avatar

preparation plan for JEE 2019

The MHRD has recently announced the formation of National Testing Agency (NTA), which will, from 2019, conduct the JEE twice a year. The announcement has led to stress and confusion among aspirants and their parents alike, regarding the strategy to adopt for JEE 2019.

First of all, fret not. The change is for your own good! The pros and cons of the same I will discuss in a separate blog. For now, let us focus on how to adapt your action plan, and understand what you need to do to ace JEE 2019.

The first attempt for JEE 2019 will be in January, and the second in April 2019. Keep in mind that February 2019 will be the time when you shall have the practicals; while in March there will be the Board exams. So, a major change in strategy would be to make sure that you complete your Class XII syllabus by mid- or latest by end-October 2018.

Start revising the Class XI syllabus by the first week of November, and be done with it by mid-December. The remaining time should be spent attempting as many Mocks as you can.

Let us also not forget that JEE 2019 will be conducted only in the online mode. Hence, I would suggest you join a good coaching class. It will help in more ways than one. First and foremost, it will allow you to draw up—and follow—a proper schedule on what to study when to study, and what not to study. Trust your mentors; and follow their guidance. Complete your homework regularly, and avoid having backlogs. Write down the class notes; as this will help you not only while revising theory but also in the case of solved examples. Whenever you face any problem regarding a concept or a question—or have any doubt—immediately get in touch with the respective subject mentor. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow; get into action mode right now!

Remember, you can no longer procrastinate, and that continuity in revision is of critical importance. Revise the topics taught on the same day and all the topics during the holidays. Rather than trying to solve a million books, stick to the ones your mentor has suggested; and go through them thoroughly. Don’t be carried away by what your friends and classmates are doing. This is because everyone is in the same boat, and trying to come up with their own strategies. Do only what works best for you.

Regular testing of your preparations is of utmost importance. Hence, you should enroll in a good test series—an online one will be an even better idea. Sit for every test that is scheduled; and after each test, analyze the entire paper at home to pinpoint your weak areas; so that you can work on them. At the same time, you need to have complete clarity on your areas of strength.

A good 5–6 hours of studying on a daily basis will help you sail through JEE 2019 easily. Having said that, do not ignore your food intake and getting enough sleep. Take short breaks while studying, and keep yourself entertained whenever need be. But no cheat days allowed! Daily studies have to be your aim, and success in JEE 2019 will surely come knocking!

All the best!



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