Choosing Commerce!

commerce strem

Thinking about choosing commerce as a specialization in class 11th?

As a mentor, I would say – Go ahead without giving it a second thought.

We are here to assist you by providing guidance and information that you need to know about commerce. Commerce, in simple English means the trade and exchange of goods and services. A student taking up commerce begins to understand trade and business from the very beginning. Selecting Commerce as a discipline is one of the best options these days as the economy is reaching new heights. A commerce student attains knowledge of business, trade, basics of economics, fiscal policies, share market, stock markets, etc. through subjects like Business Studies, Economics and Accountancy.

Classes 11th and 12th bring along with them totally new and advanced level subjects that demand complete focus and dedication. Initially, a student will find it difficult to understand concepts of new subjects like accountancy, economics and statistics. But once you get involved into it, even the most complicated concepts will become easy to understand. The subjects are not very difficult. You just need to develop an interest for commerce. Right channelization of hard work, dedication, focus and mental strength will not only help you grab new concepts but will also enable you to excel in internal as well as the Board exams.

The relevance of commerce is beyond doubt. It opens diverse horizons for students and widens their avenues. Hence start your career in commerce with a positive note as it is a ladder to successful career.