Don’t fall prey to 4 popular myths about engineering

Don’t fall prey to 4 popular myths about engineering

Don’t fall prey to 4 popular myths about engineering

Are you planning to pursue Engineering as a career?

Gadgets, iron-man suits, car remodelling – do these things sound fascinating? But are you limiting your aspirations because of popular engineering myths?

With this post, we will try to dispel 4 popular myths about engineering. This post talks about some facts about ‘engineering as a career’ — to help you set clear your expectations about the same.

Myth 1- Most of the engineers in today’s time are unemployed.

Reality- It is definitely not true that most of them are unemployed. Engineering sector generates millions of job positions for engineers every year. Those from top institutes get placed at a package which may be a dream for 90% of the population. Anyone who is knowledgeable, skilful and hardworking will always be able to bag a good job in the industry.

Myth 2- Only Computer Science engineers get a decent package.

Reality- Again totally untrue. It is true that I.T. is one of the highest employment generating sectors, but there is a huge demand for other engineers in the market. Civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and chemical engineers also enjoy a great position and reputation in the industry.

Myth 3 – Most engineers are able to grab a package only as high as Rs.15,000-25,000 a month.

Reality- We are living in the era of technology. The industry has seen engineers bagging a package as high as an MBA. Many engineers from top colleges like IITs, NSIT, DTU etc. are fetching high packages and making us all proud. Besides, the aim of education is not merely to get a high-paying job. It should empower you to find a suitable work for yourself.

Myth 4 – There is no social life in engineering.

Reality– Time will always remain one of the scarcest resources, for everyone in the corporate world. True for Engineers too, but they can manage to take out time for family and friends just the way others do. It is not a rocket science. So, there’s plenty of time left for socializing and partaking in the wondrous activities of life.

Engineering has a lot to offer, providing students a world class experience, often even the ambition to ideate and create structures and the programs that the rest of the world can only imagine. It is a career which helps students to reach their dream destination. Frankly, I think, by choosing engineering, you are also choosing to climb the success ladder.