Studying General Knowledge for Exams -2


Advantages of General Knowledge:

Upgrade your grade:

General Knowledge increases the academic knowledge of any individual focusing on it. Having broad information about the things happening around the world is an extra bottle of fuel to your academic journey. GK isn’t just helpful for the main academic syllabus but it can help you stand out from the crowd and win competition like quiz, debates, etc. General knowledge will help you score a good grade and even higher studies exam beyond school like entrance exams, job interviews, competitive exams, etc.

Lively conversation:

Holding a conversation for long is more challenging than it seems. A conversation started that never fails is a topic on current affairs. And, this is where the people with good general knowledge can play a fruitful role. It’s an intellectual icebreaker that will save you awkward situations while introduced to new people for the first time. General Knowledge is an instant conversation starter and it is also very interesting. It gives you the leverage of having a strong impact socially and it draws people to want to speak to you due to your intellectual vibrancy.

Smarter Decision Making:

Taking a decision is never easy. The moment it is time to take a decision, all kinds of ‘maybe’ starts to trickle down our mind. General Knowledge helps in better and smarted decision making because it literally makes you smart and aware of in every way. Taking a decision, say career choice, becomes half the pressure because you will have proper knowledge and information about the options and possibilities in front of you. This is why GK is very important and goes beyond academic performance and social brilliancy.

Public Skills Enhanced:

We are never really afraid of what we do in the shadows because we know it will be known or witnessed only by us. But when it comes to public places or public gatherings, there is the constant worry of making a fool of ourselves. Public speaking is a talent, and swiftly involving in any topic being discussed by the people around you in an event is also a talent. And the good news is, these talents don’t have to by birth. These are actually of those few talents that you can harness with proper grooming. And the grooming here is consuming general knowledge religiously. You will be able to face any questions, any topic, with absolute confidence when armored with general knowledge.



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