My Learnings by Vedant Khare


So, day one,

This day was totally worth the excitement that I had since the time I had registered, totally worth waking up early on Sundays…

So first up my most important learning of the day:


Apparently this was one thing i never thought could be changed but just a simple exercise made me change my mind..

So further into the class I came to know about the SWOT analysis that is

  • S- Strength
  • W- Weakness
  • O- Opportunity
  • T- Threats


Next I learnt about the 6 P’s of Entrepreneurship that are product, price, promotion, place, people, positioning..


Then comes an Out Of The Box Thinking..

The customer isn’t interested or fascinated by something that already exists so think of something totally different!

I learnt to search for the “unobvious”

Also to be an entrepreneur one needs to be persevere and resilient cuz you are going to fail without fail. Yea, FAIL, time n again before you finally succeed.

Then comes hard work which is an absolute must!

One needs to be confident cuz confidence is key when pitching to investors, telling them about your product with utter passion.

The three unmovable things in a company are the IDEALOGY, the PURPOSEand the VALUES.

A number of acronyms contain such huge meanings that can guide us through the never ending journey of being an entrepreneur one such being PREP:

  • P- Point
  • R- Reasoning
  • E- Examples
  • P- Point (repeat)

Contributed by VedantKhare, Class IX student




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