Living Expenses in Taiwan: Cost of Rent, Utilities, Food, and Transportation


The cost of living in any country depends on a lot of internal and external factors such as the locality that a person lives in, spending habits, medical expenses, and a host of other factors. Mentioned below is a rough estimate of just how much you are expected to spend if you choose to live in Taiwan.

The data that is provided here is based on the information given on Numbeo. Numbeo is a collaborative online database which enables users to share and compare information about the cost of living between countries and cities. The Numbeo website is operated by Numbeo doo, a company registered in Serbia.

The data presented below is based on 5243 entries in the past 18 months from 677 different contributors and is last updated on April 2019. You might spend considerably more or less depending on the lifestyle you choose to live.


Cost of Rent in Taiwan

According to the information on Numbeo: the cost of a 3 bedroom apartment in Taipei’s city center costs about Rs 93,576 and outside the city center, the price of a 3 bedroom apartment is approximately Rs 65,390. A 1 bedroom apartment in the city center would cost about 40,000, while outside the city center, it may cost you about 28,000.

It is possible to find cheaper places, but these tend to be located either outside the city or if it is located within the city center, it may not be very satisfactory. It is also very easy to spend more money on nicer places and better locations if you want to live a lavish lifestyle and have the pocket to spend on it.


Cost of Utilities in Taiwan

Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage:

  • Electricity bill, gas bill, and water bill in Taiwan comes on a bi-monthly basis, meaning: once in two months.
  • According to the information on numbeo, you are estimated to spend a combined average of approximately Rs 4,674 on your electricity, heating, cooling, and water bill. However the information on the website does not specify the duration this amount is applicable for.

Internet (60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable/ADSL):

  • Internet service costs approximately Rs 1,787 according to the data on Numbeo.

Cost of Transportation in Taiwan

According to the information on Numbeo, you will spend the below mentioned amount on transportation.

  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport)    :               Rs 45.23
  • Taxi Start (Normal tariff)                :               Rs 169.60
  • Monthly Pass (Regular Price)           :               Rs 2,894.45
  • Taxi 1km (Normal tariff)                 :               Rs 56.53
  • Gasoline (1 Liter)                           :               Rs 66.17
  • Taxi 1 hour waiting (Normal tariff)   :               Rs 508.79


Cost of Food in Taiwan

According to the information on Numbeo, you are estimated to spend the below mentioned amount on food.

  • Water (1.5 liter)                  :               Rs 78.82
  • Milk                                    :               Rs 198.
  • Loaf of fresh white bread      :               Rs 117.54
  • Rice (1kg)                           :               Rs 226.63
  • Eggs (12 pieces)                  :               Rs 148.95
  • Local cheese (1kg)               :               Rs 1,306.33
  • Chicken Breasts (1kg)          :               Rs 486.83
  • Apples (1kg)                        :               Rs 294.63
  • Banana (1kg)                       :               Rs 127.54
  • Oranges (1kg)                      :               Rs 162.70
  • Tomato (1kg)                       :               Rs 198.35
  • Potato (1kg)                         :               Rs 154.09
  • Onion (1kg)                          :               Rs 144.56
  • Lettuce (1 head)                   :               Rs 89.57
  • Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)    :               Rs 1,130.64
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 liter)        :               Rs 98.22
  • Imported Beer (0.33 liter)      :               Rs 143.42
  • Cigerettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) :               Rs 226.13


Cost of Leisure Activities in Taiwan

According to the information on Numbeo, you are estimated to spend the below mentioned amount on leisure activities.

  • Cinema, International release  :               Rs 655.77 (1 seat)
  • 3 Course Meal for 2 People      :               Rs 1,582.90 (mid-range restaurant)

Cost of Nightlife in Taiwan

One of the easiest ways to spend money in Taiwan (or any other country) is for nightlife activities like going to bars, clubs, movies, etc. You can find yourself easily spending Rs 3,000-10,000 and more on drinks, food, and taxis for a single night out. This amount can easily vary depending on the kind of place you go to, the kind of food that you eat, and the kind of commute you take.


It is very easy to spend money on unforeseen expenditure. Truth is, there is no such thing as a “planned expenditure”. You may try to use your money sparingly, but things will probably not go according to your plans. For instance, you will end up spending on unplanned expenses like taking taxis when you are running late, buying umbrellas, first-aid, clothes, shoes, or going to the hospital for a medical emergency. Our advise? Be prepared to spend money on activities you did not see coming.


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