Keeping your Interests on par with your Career


It is very easy to feel lost and confused while deciding the best step/direction for a fruitful future. While the fear/worry of how our future would turn out is constant, luckily we have family and friends to help in the decision making. There are of course factors like which line of profession is blooming in the job market, passion-oriented careers, etc. However, sometimes we still don’t get the clarity we seek and the feeling isn’t great.

And, this is why most of us end up finding ourselves in the wrong basket. Taking up the wrong subjects, difficulty in completing the course because it is very hard, etc., such factors leads to an absolute loss of interest resulting in the loss of precious opportunities and years.

Now, the answer seems very obvious- choose the right career that best suits you and your interests. While the solution may sound simplified, there is the need to harness an extended devotion, attention, and lots of effort, in order to land the right career.

The first but also the most major player in choosing in the right path is the parental guidance. Understanding the child’s potential and talents, and where he/she will best excel foundations the base. The price for wrong subject decision is too high to pay- the child’s entire future/career.

Now that we know the first step is identifying the interests/talent/potential, the next step is to consult an expert. Professionals do not see the child’s future through a personal feelings or attachment telescope. They give rational and practical career suggestions after thoroughly assessing the child’s interests, likes, dislikes, etc. They understand the strengths and weakness and try to see beyond the existing in order to find out further talents/skills that the child may possess.

In order to further comprehend the child’s behavior and personality, to get an insight into the little things which are tend to be missed at home, speak to the teacher. Children spend more than half of their day in the classroom where they are surrounded by peers. Teachers know their students and can identify the strengths and weakness. This is very helpful in deciding which career path will benefit the child the most.

Choosing the right career is a delicate matter but also the most important step that decides how the rest of the life will turn out. It shouldn’t be based on what is considered as the safest or the trendiest but rather, it should be something that is falling along the lines of the child’s strengths and interests. Get the opinions of friends and family members, the advice may come off as a traditional but it doesn’t hurt to get the viewpoints of the people who love you the most.