International Women’s Day Blog Competition : 1st Runner-Up

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Crystal Ann: My Sisters

Women….it can’t be just a coincidence that Women have two extra letters than Men…..As a child, I have always wondered about these extra two letters and what they stand for…..I think the W in women stand for WONDERFUL and the O stands for OVERCOMING.

They are known not only for OVERCOMING all the problems in their life but also for helping others overcome their problems. Men should support women. Raising a hand against women is legally termed as “domestic violence”. Men should be taught to respect three special women in their life- his mother, his daughter and his wife. If he fails to do this, I don’t think he can qualify as a human. Women are a WONDERFUL creation of God.  As I come from a family with a greater number of women, there are many wonderful women in my life and it’s quite hard to pick one and write about them. But I just can’t help but write about her. That one person who has actually inspired me, who taught me perseverance and to give up….

My sisters……

We are not those perfect sisters who complete each other’s sentences, with the same likes and interests but we help each other to complete their fights and dreams. They complete me. And of course, studying in the same school, going to the same Sunday School with different passions, IQ, behavior, and attitude have always instigated a lot of comparison among us by the general public. There was a time where we would get upset with each other for all these comparisons made by people who find it hard to get it to their skulls that we are not clones but actually people with different ideas! But I guess we are over it…..and that does not mean that the comparisons have stopped, it still continues( and I don’t think they will stop ever)…’s just that we have decided not to give a damn about it.

More than Santa Claus my sisters know when I have been good or bad. They have never blamed me for any of the problems I have created ( but that does not mean the teasing has stopped), in fact, they have just tried to fix it with me. My parents who are quite busy with their other responsibilities have always found time for each of us….but as a kid, I have always yearned for more time with my parents, but my sisters have never let me feel alone. As I passed through different phases of my life I’ve found that my sisters were everything from outright annoying to exasperating! But now that I have grown older  I know what a blessing they have been to me! They make the hard times easy and easy times fun. They have helped me to get better not just at studies, but in everything……

We have always competed with each other on who gets more attention from my mother, who gets to sleep next to her. Now that my sisters are working and studying in different places there’s no more competition but just the yearn to sleep on one bed and watch a late-night movie.

There was a time where we used to fight for chocolates and packet foods ….now as I sit I alone on the couch with a tub of ice cream I just wish they were here to fight for this ice cream. And now I finally understand the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”.We don’t need a reason to fight. We tease each other, annoy each other, knock down each other but can’t live without each other and no matter how many times we fight, our hearts won’t be apart.

Clearing my Chemistry doubts just before the exam even when they had their exams, almost missing their train for getting me Chocolate Cake, tolerating my jokes  and the list is endless…we have never thanked each other for any of these and I don’t think we ever will.

But this Women’s Day I just want to tell the world that “Most people have sisters but definitely not like mine…. as my sisters are a LIMITED EDITION…..”

Crystal Ann
1st Runner Up