The IFMR GSB Advantage: Message from an IFMR GSB scholarship recipient


“Starting from the initial stages of the selection procedure, it was clear that IFMR GSB assesses the candidacy of a potential student from the perspective of their persona and their achievements. While this appears veiled at the application stage, it becomes evident as the process moves ahead.

WAT and PI rounds test and assess unique skill sets. While WAT focuses on assessing ideology and social compatibility apart from linguistic capability, it is the PI or Personal Interview round that turns the tides. PI questions focus more on work induced (or academia infused) domains of expertise and fields of interests but are meant to analyse the candidate’s intellectual capabilities and strategic outlook.       

Merit Scholarship was awarded to candidates based on a comprehensive and continuous assessment. Since there is no single cut-off criteria, all applicants are considered to be in play for the initial merit scholarship which is decided by the B-School.

Merit Scholarship is perfectly described as an ‘icing’ on the cake, but not the cake. That way, IFMR GSB has quite the offering. Professors with varied domains of expertise and an extensive knowledge depth, Contemporary courses that focus more on what the current industry demands rather than what the regular academia would prefer us to know as the foundation, business simulations and case-based study approaches, with options to tailor course pathway based on our requirements.

Moving aside from academics; sports, debates, music, dance, dramatics and other clubs and committee options to conduct events, commitment to mental well-being, socialising opportunities, fun events and many more activities are provided to us. 

Scholarship was but a final stage decision sweetener. The pros of choosing the institute matches most requirements of the students down to the letter. The institute, which focuses on providing wholesome knowledge to its students, also offers numerous opportunities. Thus, the onus is on us, as students, to tap into the options we require and upscale ourselves.”

Parasaran Sarangan

MBA Batch of 2023, IFMR GSB at Krea University 

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