Masters in Management


Masters in Management is a premium post-graduate degree for graduates who are keen on pursuing management careers. The program provides knowledgeable insights to various streams of management like Marketing, Consulting, Finance, etc.

MiM allows the students to understand the mechanism of business and its attributes in different ways. All in all, Masters in Management fortifies effective practice of management so the students can eventually grow into efficient leaders.


Inside the Course: Masters in Management

MiM (Masters in Management) duration is of one or two years depending on the institute providing the course. During the course of study, students are required to learn subjects like business culture, managerial economics, management analysis, public relations, etc.

Once the required fundamental subjects are covered, students are allowed to pick a specialized course of their liking/interest- these electives include marketing management, strategic management and sustainability, operations management, international business, information systems, etc.

Masters in Management programs are considered at par with MBA programs. Features like program specifics for working professionals with 8-10 years of managerial experience, internships, projects, are features that are shared by MBA as well.


Eligibility and Requirement for MiM

  • Candidates are required hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • Candidates are required to have written GMAT/ GRE/ Other Standard Tests for the consideration of admission.
  • TOEFL/ IELTS may be needed for international students.
  • Work experience is not a mandatory requirement.


Applying for Masters in Management

Masters in Management is best suited for individuals with little or no work experience. Because there is no mandatory requirement for work experience, fresh graduates enroll for MiM right after graduation (while candidates with years of work experience go for an MBA). As part of the admission and selection process, students are further called for an interview to test the personal skills, business knowledge, and more. Other times students may be asked to submit as essay of (approx.) 500 words on why they are the right candidate for the program. This is a good chance to mention any other extracurricular activities that may be considered as a relevant part of experience.


MiM degrees: Courses and Syllabus

Masters in Management programs generally start off with foundation subjects like analytical skills, statistical methods, etc., which gradually shifts to a more specialized electives like Finance, Economics, Accounting, etc. To best complement the student’s interest and for an added global advantage, the electives offered are turned into exchange programs or dual degrees. Most business schools offering MiM programs also offer Foreign Language as part of the course. Along with that, Masters in Management programs imparts practical applications as well for a real-world experience.


Masters is Management (MiM) caters the need of the candidates who aren’t yet in the exclusive crowd of experienced professionals but are filled with enthusiastic aspiration to become a global leader in today’s global world. While MBA has a popular stage of its own, MiM has definitely build its own show- not only is it financially friendlier but it is also oriented towards giving the students an comprehensive understanding of business both theoretically and practically.