Life after University as a Graduate of Law


Pursuing a career in law can open up a range of avenues for students, whether it’s enrolling in a post graduate programme or joining a law firm or organisation. As a law graduate, you learn about and explore numerous fields and industries, which in turn opens up a variety of job opportunities once you graduate.

Amity University Dubai’s five-year integrated programme, is the only such programme outside India to be accredited by the Bar Council of India (BCI). The course syllabus covers BCI rules together with a specialisation of domain electives, so as to equip students to appear before courts and tribunals, and perform other essential roles of a law professional. Having an Amity University Dubai law degree means you can appear for clients at local UAE courts and in Indian courts.

Scope of the Degree

  • Stick to law: Law graduates typically start their careers in junior positions, some junior legal jobs include – court legal advisor, court messenger, document coder, file clerk, legal transcriptionist, legal drafting, legislative assistant, to name a few. Paralegal apprenticeships or trainee roles in large, medium and small sized law firms are a great way to kick-start your legal career. Although requiring immense dedication and hard work, this gives students a chance to develop their knowledge of law further through practice and study.
  • Be your own boss: An education in law is common amongst entrepreneurs. Critical thinking and creative problem solving skills are important for both business owners and lawyers. A lot of the course material covered in law is directly applicable for entrepreneurs and start-up owners.
  • A niche side of finance: Certain areas within banking and finance are also connected to law. Taxation is an example of one such field that is often handled by law professionals for small-size local businesses.
  • Change the world through research: A career in academia is often of interest to law graduates. Teaching or research on law, is a great way to enhance and update existing laws and reforms.

In the era of specialisation, Amity University Dubai’s five year degree will give students ample time to build a sound background in the subject, equip students with the right professional skills required in the market, learn about the different subjects within law and finalise what career path they would like to take.