Managing tuition and school simultaneously


Coaching after school hours take up most of our time leaving us exhausted and henceforth we are left with less time for self-study. So, Scheduling is mandatory to manage any kind of task at any situation. Proper planning leads to better execution. At times, we all at the end of the day, do give it a thought that we wasted our ample of time which occurs to the lack of planning and executing. Stats show that “10-12 minutes invested in planning your day will save at least 2 hours of wasted time and effort throughout the day “.

“Time is precious “We all must have heard of this but how many of us realize this,maybe only a handful of people. So that’s true therefore you need to deal with the time and assure justice to the tasks to be performed.

This section provides you with the tricks to tackle time effectively and efficiently.

1. First, figure out the immovable stuff (classes, projects, assignments etc.), and schedule those in. Then schedule the rest of your time.
Try asking yourself these question and answer them according to your convenience What time will you allocate toward homework? Self study? Other necessity activities? What about a bit of downtime and sleep?

2. Once you get the idea of the things to done make the list of above, highlighting the timing for each of the task. While doing so, make sure the tasks to achieve in day are realistic. Don’t add many tasks that it become difficult for you to accomplish them.

3. Start to prioritize. Remember to do the task which is the need of the hour. Even if everything is absolutely critical, something must get done first. Once you’ve prioritized, forget the rest of the task until that first item in your to do list is completed.

4. So, if you find with all that that you still took on too much tasks, don’t be afraid to drop something. Otherwise, you’ll wind up dropping it all.

5. Always revise your school and coaching lessons after they end up so that you get what’s going on as in which chapter etc.

6. While preparing your schedule, allow some extra time for unforeseen circumstances. Your schedule might not always go as planned, so be prepared for it.  Don’t rush through the syllabus in order to complete it on time as half the concepts won’t register properly in your brain and will lead to wastage of time.

7. Make sure you sleep for eight hours every day to keep your mind and body well rested. This will be really be helpful as being stressed or tired will only decrease the efficiency of the brain and also the level of your concentration. Along with this follow a healthy diet that include eating at proper timing, include leafy vegetables and drink a lot of water . Avoid taking caffeine, drugs, alcohol etc.

8. Lastly don’t waste much time on computers, mobiles, nonsense movies and indoor games instead play outdoor games but just short period of time so that your mind gets relaxed and you feel fresh to do the next task effectively.

Feel free to add on your ways of managing time as you know it all what’s better for you. Starting working out with your ideas to manage your daily tasks. These tricks would help you to use your time productively. Always remember hard work never goes in vain. It always pays off. So keep working harder and harder and this will bring you more close to achieving your dreams.