Know Why to Choose IPM- The Next-Gen Program for Management from MAHE Manipal


The rising demand for management students in the corporate sector during the last two decades has made MBA (Master of Business Administration) as one of the most sought-after degrees in India. An MBA is meant to equip the student with the right skills and competencies which turn them into a potent manager and a future leader. Lately, India has seen a steady rise in institutes offering MBA, but the quality of the program hasn’t been sustained. To address this issue at hand, the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has launched its new Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) by aligning graduation and post-graduation together.  It is a five-year programme with a highly structured curriculum and multiple internship options helping students to develop the core conceptual skills, managerial abilities, and complete graduation with MBA at one go.

With IPM, students build a strong foundation during their first three years of studies while the last two years of the programme completely focus on management studies. The three major courses of the foundation include Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics to build analytical skills. While the study of management includes courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science along with courses in Economics that provides an understanding of the core disciplines. With its holistic approach, IPM focuses on the skill development, knowledge development, leadership development, and physical fitness of each student. This programme also helps in building self-confidence as a manager who thoroughly understands the relevance of business in a social context.

IPM empowers students with job-oriented skills through live projects. It is focused on developing guidance skills among the students by rendering in-depth study into subjects like Marketing, Finance, HRM, Operations management, and Analytics. While studying the course students get the opportunity to interact with industry professionals through seminars and study tours along with extensive exposure to basic sciences and life sciences. The DOC (Department of Commerce) under MAHE in collaboration with MIM (Manipal Institute of Management) is offering this programme. MAHE is one of the first private institutes in India, that has been given the status of the Institution of Eminence by the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development). Therefore, the degree from MAHE at the end of the IPM program would be even more significant.

MAHE thrives at being a multidisciplinary university, it offers over 350 courses across 31 disciplines. MAHE is renowned for its school of medicines including the healthcare divisions such as dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and other allied health services. With its huge presence in engineering education, MAHE also offers courses on basic sciences, humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts. The institute appoints reputed academicians and retired faculty members from various renowned institutes across the country to teach this unique programme.

Striding with its 65 years of legacy, MAHE is renowned for its transparency and professionalism aligned with a huge network of alumni, some of them have created their niche in the global platform as well. Situated in a small town of Udupi district in Karnataka, MAHE offers a serene environment to live and study at. Its world-class campus facilities provide boarding, lodging, sports, and other varied skill-developing opportunities. The MAHE campus is home to around 33,000 students from across 67 countries. With all these facilities available, MAHE provides an opportunity for its students to explore and experience study life in a comfortable way being away from home.

Therefore, if you have a plan to pursue an MBA after completing your graduation, then the IPM program sets you up on the right track starting from your graduation.  Complete your graduation in the first three years and earn an MBA degree during the next two years of advanced management studies. This not only saves you from the hassle of another admission process for post-graduation but also gives you a highly structured learning experience, tailor-made for the leaders of tomorrow. Check out more details about the program here.