Importance and method of revision


When exams are around , so comes the revision and exam preparations. Students often fail to get desired results because of lack of proper revision before exams. Students usually prepare for exams at the eleventh hour, hence, missing out revising and brushing the learnt concepts.

After attending so many classes, submitting the projects come very difficult time that’s exams ,which is difficult to conquer due to pressure surrounding. So with this section, we have come up with techniques to help you ace exam season.

The early you start, the better is your performance

Starting earlier helps you to know your chapter before hand so that you don’t mess up with the concept at the last moment. This leads to real learning of matter and understanding it. Reading through what you have done (at school) everyday updates you with what has been done in class and help to remember better. At the time of studying makes handy notes for your reference about what the chapter covers like which all derivations, formulae etc , highlight important lines on which questions can be asked and makes short questions like “Give 3 advantages of rain water harvesting” etc.

Try creating a learning environment

At times you may have heard people saying that it’s more productive to learn in library than in room lying on bed. While some find it comfortable learning in a closed room. So it depends on one’s preference and selection of the environment for him/her. Noise in the form of songs or the TV is found to be distracting by some while for others it could help them to boost up their concentration level. So one should judge which of the technique suit him/her to focus better.

Preparing Resources

There are various resources that one can use to memorize well and for a longer period of time. Some of them are as following

Timelines: These are great for the subjects that involve lot of memorizing like history, geography. Noting down various dates sequentially in form of flowcharts or in tabular formats help to fasten up learning.

Mind maps: Creating the summary of chapter in this format provides exposure to quicker revision at the time of exams.

Cue cards: These are useful and handy when you are out and around. You can write keywords leaving out spaces that you can fill later to tell the story.

Practice previous papers

One month before exams dig out the previous year question papers and make it a habit to do one on each day. After solving the paper at the stipulated time, evaluate your shortcomings. Mark those questions which are repeated and remember to prepare them well enough. In the case of essay, write one essay each day on recent topics or general topics and search out with the essay on the topic to know about the points you missed out/the points you could have added.


Other tips that might help

  1. Study with a friend and try to test each other’s hold on basics
  2. Stick the notes beside your bedside or on the loo wall
  3. Early morning revision helps a lot. It fastens the memorising power
  4. Use variety of sources- notebooks, books, various website
  5. Make mnemonics !! Mnemonics make use of elaborative encoding, retrieval cues as specific tools to encode any given information in a way that allows for efficient storage and retrieval like BODMAS which stands for bracket of division multiplication addition and subtraction to remember their priority while simplifying set of mathematical cues.
  6. If you don’t understand something that you don’t know then do ask for assistance from yours parents, teachers etc.
  7. Even if you have to revise do spend time having fun or take a short walk. Try to keep time for yourself.
  8. Be optimistic about what you have learnt
  9. Follow a healthy diet ever during your exams. Do not start to diet or follow new sleeping pattern before exams.
  10. Make sure that you have enough sleep before exams and get up early for a revision of weaker concepts.

Summing up Revision is as important part of examination. Last time revision can create wonders if done correctly. So make sure you have revised for 2-3 times before exams.