How does UPES enable aspiring lawyers to master the skill of personal branding?


At a time when people can look up dozens of lawyers in one swipe, building a personal brand is of utmost importance to differentiate oneself from the crowd. It can help aspiring law professionals in showcasing their body of work, spotlighting their competencies, as well as networking with clients and peers

For young lawyers, making a mark in an already crowded space can take several years. This difficulty, however, can be overcome with personal branding. The new brigade is putting themselves forward, letting the world know about their skills by leveraging various communication channels.

Lawyers have effectively harnessed different platforms to become a voice while following the necessary protocols and guidelines around the profession. Not only does this help in reaching out to a wider clientele, but it also helps them network and grow as a community.

Education at UPES has always been learner-centric and industry-focused. Keeping the meta-learning needs of the 21st century in perspective, the university has enhanced its curriculum to make it more flexible and forward-thinking. The unique framework at UPES enables students to build their own academic journey such that it aligns with their educational, professional, as well as personal goals.

At UPES School of Law, along with the core subject, students can study personal branding as part of Life-Skills courses through the newly-constituted School for Life. They also get to choose from focused subject specialisations as well as minor/exploratory subject options from other schools at UPES. Students are also required to do mandatory internships in the social sector, government/public sector and the industry, which rounds off this learning experience.

UPES has several industry experts and former judges on its advisory board. It is the first Indian university to partner with UK-based The University of Law for legal studies. Given its industry-oriented programs and emphasis on holistic development, UPES graduates are a preferred choice for recruiters, ensuring a track record of 90% + placements over the last few years.