Fire Yourself Up – Have Fun at Work!


Q: What is involved in a digital marketing job?

A: Doing what most employees are asked not to do, or denied access to! Like surfing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, and their ilk.

Actually, the sentence above is not entirely true. Surfing the Net and being on social media sites are just part of the work.

Here’s what a day in the life of a digital marketer looks like:

900–1100 hrs

Plan and schedule organic posts on social media for the day. These can include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business pages. An important & enviable task is to respond to the comments & messages, i.e., acknowledging and addressing audience interaction.

1200 hrs

Take a look at the Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns. Check for what has worked; and if the campaigns require any edits (in terms of creatives or ad copy). Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns are integral online platforms for a digital marketer to connect with an audience of age 13 and above.

1300–1400 hrs

Meet the Product Managers on any development in the product (or service) offering. Configure creative ways to promote content, events, and engage the audience. Working closely with the product team is key to communicating the right message, and connecting with the relevant audience.

1400 hrs

Grab a hurried lunch, most likely at the desk itself! And on some lucky days in a fancy corner-restaurant, or even in the office canteen (oh, what a luxury!).

1500 hrs

Take stock of the website—if all the pages are fully functional and maximized for SEO management. SEO discipline gives focus on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. There are excellent marketers, who deliver amazing SEO ranks without spending a penny on marketing. Yes, that is possible! It involves a mastery of technical and creative elements to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

1600 hrs

Meet the Product Managers to update oneself on any further development in the product (or service) offering. Think of creative ways to promote content, events, and engage the audience.

1700 hrs

Evaluate the Google Analytics (GA) data for website traffic and engagement. GA is an extremely handy tool to understand the audience coming on to your website, and to derive information such as, new vs returning visitors, the device they use, marketing channels which drive traffic to your website—all of which help in building solid & result-oriented business strategies.

1800 hrs

With the end of the day in sight, send updates on key campaign(s). This could include lead generation, customer interaction, or any other accomplishments of the day.

1900 hrs

Done for the day. Head home-wards!

Sounds interesting? You believe you are ready for the challenge?

If “Yes”, then read on; and if “No”, well, don’t worry. We will talk of other options, a little later.

What are we saying?

Digital Marketing

Allows you to be agile
Teaches you data
Teaches you frugality
Trains you to be prudent
Preps you for engagement with today’s consumers
Makes you literally live with, and for, the consumers
Transforms you to be the consumer’s alter ego

Having said that, nothing we have written here can prepare you for the metamorphosis you will undergo (as an individual and as a professional) than a real job in Digital Marketing.

Take that step forward, commit yourself, be that unique individual everyone would die to recruit or learn from.

Come on board!

Isha Bhalla
Digital Marketer, Career Launcher