Why the Hype Around Business Analysts?


Some of the highest pay packages offered at B-School recruitment drives in India today are for the role of business analyst.

So, why the hype, one might ask? Why are every one after business analysts?

To answer that question, one first needs to have a fair idea about what business analytics is. To quote from an article from the magazine Analytics India*: “Business analytics is used by companies to derive insights from terabytes of data and automate and optimize business processes. Data has become one of the biggest assets; and companies deploy business analytics to predict future outcomes, find patterns and relationships, and perform statistical analysis.”

In the same article, the author, Richa Bhatia, gives us an insight into who a business analyst is: “The major role of a Business Analyst”, she writes, “is – data mining, statistical analysis, predictive modelling and multivariate test. The Business Analyst is also required to support decision-making roles with real-time analysis. Business Analysts also work closely with the senior management and provide support in data-driven decision-making that impacts matters related to product development to marketing.”

In India, the demand for business analysts is on the rise. Especially sought after for this role are those individuals, who also hold an MBA degree/diploma. There is an entire gamut of sectors that proactively seek these professionals, including retail, banking, healthcare, ecommerce, hospitality, and manufacturing, among others.

In an era where data is increasing at an exponential rate, in both volume and importance, it is business analysts, who organizations will turn to, when it comes to deriving meaning out of data. This will, in turn, lead to insights that will have a marked impact on the performance of the organization concerned.

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*Source: https://www.analyticsindiamag.com/kickstart-business-analytics-career-in-india/

Mythreya Lingala
Data Science Engineer, Career Launcher