Can an MBA Degree/Diploma Alone be Enough?


There is no end to the amount of hopes and dreams a human soul can contain. And sometimes, we are willing to cross oceans to have it fulfilled even if it means fighting every odd that comes our way.

While aspirations have no limitations, the competitive job market definitely is. Wherever there’s a market, there will be buyers. And, in order to be a top buyer, you have to move fast. This concept perfectly mirrors the IIMs and the many brilliant graduates they produce.

It’s all about the game of numbers, and the number of graduates at IIM is increasing. It has risen from around 1,200 in 2000 to 9,500 in 2017*. Likewise, the number of IIM institutes has also increased by 233% over the last ten years.

With the scenery of thousands of MBA graduates from brilliant business institutes securing top jobs, the need to stand out is now more critical than ever. In a highly infused technology era, the expectations and demands of the corporate world are only getting higher. And, this is why one should start wondering if an MBA qualification alone is enough to guarantee a successful and fulfilling career.

Machine Learning, for instance, is fast becoming a much sought-after skill among business leaders. However, the easy availability of such professionals is sadly, rare. Taking this into consideration, picture a business graduate adding Machine Learning to their MBA qualifications. A certification in Machine Learning is a sure shot fulfillment to the infamous modern niche demand. And the grandest of all is that individuals with such added skills are rewarded with handsome compensation.

So, are you one of those few who are willing to take the extra step to make it the top? If you are, enroll yourself in a program like Career Launcher’s MBA Plus today.

Pick up a skill. Give your qualifications the extra shine it deserves!

Bonomi Murumi
Executive Marketing, Career Launcher