Add GMAT to Your MBA Aspiration


In a world where we walk to the beat of the “Business” drum, MBA (Master in Business Administration) is no longer the only golden ladder to professional success. Given, an MBA degree itself is a glorified achievement. However, add some other “win” like GMAT to it and the result is all sorts of blessing.

The upside of having additional academic credential to your already existing trophy is the drastic elevation of opportunities in terms of jobs and salary. The Stanford University’s 2017 Employment Report displays a strong and vibrant market for their MBA graduates. With median and average annual base compensation of $140,000 and $144,455, it makes perfect sense to pursue the extra academic step for both career and finance benefits.

Also, were you aware of the fact that GMAT performance is a reliable indicator of how successful one can be in B-School programs? Well, it is.

Add more value to your MBA achievement; opt for GMAT with Career Launcher’s MBA Plus program. We are ready to be your wings, are you ready to fly?

Bonomi Murumi
Executive Marketing, Career Launcher