Why You Must Add Industry-Relevant Skills to an MBA


Not so long ago, successfully completing an MBA program from a renowned B-School was enough to ensure social stature, financial rewards, and career growth. Today, however, the stakes have become higher. No longer is an MBA degree/diploma alone capable of helping you get ahead among your peers, and stay ahead in life.

In the increasingly competitive and immensely overcrowded job market, where there is a beeline of B-School graduates, you need to distinguish yourself. One way of doing that, is to upgrade yourself by learning new-age industry-relevant skills, and thereby adapting to the ever-changing demands of the market.

Take for instance, Machine Learning: the development of computer programs that access and use data to learn for themselves. It is fast emerging as one of the most in-demand requirements for almost every industry. No wonder then, organizations are increasingly looking for prospective employees, who possess knowledge on this ever-evolving domain.

So, do not settle for just an MBA qualification from a good B-School. Based on your interests, top it up, add value to it, by homing in on one of the new-age skills that are gaining traction in the industry you wish to be a part of.

Enroll yourself in a program, like Career Launcher’s MBA Plus to pick up the nuances of the skill; and soon enough you will prove yourself to be an invaluable resource for those you work for.

Be skilled. Be up-to-date. Be ready for the world of tomorrow.

Manngailun Zou
Marketing Executive, Career Launcher