What after XAT?

What after XAT?


XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) was held on 6th January, 2019. It is conducted by XLRI, Jamshedpur. The selection process every year begins shortly after the result declaration. The next round, i.e., the GDPI round starts from mid-February till end of March. The selection process, as mentioned, is next step after XAT exam, and if you’ve just given the exam, this is what you should look forward as your ‘what after XAT’ solution.

Kick start the season with GDPI prep

Even with an overall raw score of 35 (equaling to 95 percentile) and above, if you don’t perform well in the soft skill round, the chances of selection will be low. With XLRI, its 11 member institutes and over 150 other business schools accepting XAT scores, the GDPI round is a serious platform to filter out the deserving candidates.

Group Discussion/ Personal Interview/ Essay Writing constitute the second round of XAT. With over 1 lakh aspirants writing for the exam every year, go ahead and get all the soft skill brushing you will need to crack the interview round.

General Studies

Start strong with your General Studies. This area is the core of all the three sections (GD, PI and essay writing) of the second round. Basic general knowledge and awakened general awareness are expected of XAT candidates. Lacking in this filed is too much of a risk no one should take.

  • Current happenings in the national and international arena
  • Business and economy
  • Social issues, etc.

Professional Help

Get professional help if you think you need. Don’t hesitate, do your research and sign up for a good institute. Walking under the guidance of a right mentor makes a huge difference and impact in any kind of preparation. And it can be argued the same for XAT aspirants. If you’re confident, that’s perfect but if there’s even silver of doubt that you may not do better on your own, seek expert help. Taking chances when your career is on the line is a reckless thing to pursue. Enhance call conversion to the fullest by seeking full professional guidance.

Presentation skills

Along with having strong GK preparation and right mentors, make it a habit of presenting your skills/ability/work in the best possible way. We cannot control how people see us, but we can control how we present ourselves. It is very easy for things to go sideways under pressure. Confidence could be mischanneled as arrogance, smart replies could come off rude, these things are not intentional, but when nerves take over, it’s very easy to slip. The main thing is to stay calm and practice the art of humble yet confident presentation and behavior.



And to give the best shine to the listed above is for the GDPI round is confidence. You can have the best mentor and the best GK awareness from the rest, and yet without confidence, it may all crumble. So keep layering the preparation with endless confidence. Meanwhile, ‘prepare’, ‘prepare’, and more ‘prepare.’ Good luck!



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