Balancing your Prep Plan for Boards & Entrance Exams


The much-awaited announcement of the CBSE 10th and 12th exams was made in the wee hours of the dying 2020 year!

The year 2020 was in every way an unprecedented year for all students but especially those who are studying the 10th and 12th standards! The marks in 10th and 12th and subsequent entrance exams that these students take up decide their entire career and future. It is not an exaggeration if one were to say that these two years are the most important years of their education. The pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of the students and therefore the parents and teachers too and the year 2021 brings new hope and hopefully happy tidings.

However, given that the government has announced that the CBSE board exams would start from the first week of May (4th May), there is suddenly a huge apprehension as to how students would cope-up for their entrance exams.

Traditionally, the Board exams get over by mid-March and there is sufficient (if not long enough) time to prepare for the entrances for the students giving their 12th std exams. Almost all the important exams viz., JEE, NEET, Law entrances (CLAT, AILET), UG Management entrances (IPMAT, DUJAT), and many other state entrances are conducted in the month of April and May and this leaves the students enough time to concentrate on their boards till mid-March and then give complete focus on the entrance examinations.

This year there is no such luxury. CLAT Consortium has announced that the CLAT will be held on 9th May, AILET exam is going to be held on 2nd May. It is expected that all other entrances would also be bang in the middle of the CBSE 12th class final exams!

Q. How should the student and the parent cope up with this sudden change?

Firstly, there are 4 months to the CBSE boards and an equal number of months or slightly more for some entrance exams.

These four months have to be properly utilized to not only ensure top marks in CBSE boards or for that matter any 12th std exams but also to ensure that one is prepared for the entrance exams.

The above is possible if one starts (assuming one has not started preparing) right away while giving time to the board preparation too!

There is still enough time for students starting their entrance exam preparation. Most of the entrance exams focus on aptitude (except the JEE and NEET exams). The aptitude level that is asked is of the 8th, 9th and 10th standard levels and practice is the key to scoring well in these exams.

Also, the parent has to support so that the student is not overwhelmed with all the expectations.

Q. What should be the time-line for the preparation for entrance exams and the boards

Since there are 4 months to the board, the month of January 75% of the time to be given to the entrance exam prep with about quarter of the time for the boards. In the month of February and March 50% time to be spent on Entrance Exams and 50% time on board prep.  In April, the entire focus (90%) to be on the board preparation while taking Mock Exams for the entrance exams and keeping in touch with the prep.

Q. How is Career Launcher going to help the students of 12th to prepare for the entrances as well as the board exams?

Career Launcher has always put the interests of the students above all else. We would have started the preparation classes for the entrance exams immediately post the board exams. Given the new situation, we plan to launch new batches in January itself wherein the syllabus for the exam will be covered by end of March. In addition, Full length Mock Exams will be provided to the students along with strategy sessions for cracking these entrance exams.

Since Career Launcher also caters to the needs of the 10th and 12th class students for their board exam preparation, we plan to ensure that model papers for various subjects are made available so as to double up their preparation along with the entrance preparation!

Q. How many hours per day would these classes be? And what is the mode of delivery?

Since the Govt. has not given the nod to conduct physical classes, and also owing to the need of the students, Career Launcher will conduct the classes in the digital (online live) mode. Where-ever possible, the centres will cater to the individual needs of the student by conducting doubt clearing either online or face to face at the centre as per the convenience of the student and the faculty members.

The classes may be conducted for about 75 min to 90 min per day and for 4 to 5 days a week till the end of March.

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