NMAT Registration and Application Process

NMAT registration & application process

Registered for NMAT? Don’t Sit Back. There’s more to be done

The registration for NMAT commenced on July 4. A lot of you would have registered by now. But wait up, are you sure you have done all that is required?

Registering for the NMAT Exam is only one aspect of the admission process. In order to complete the admission process you need to apply separately for the courses offered by those institutes, which you added as your preferred institutes in the NMAT form.

If you plan to retake the NMAT Exam, keep in mind that you will need to apply to the preferred institutes all over again, along with registering for the exam.

Following is the list of institutes affiliated with NMAT that require the candidates to apply separately:

Don’t miss out on the NMAT application process of any of the institutes. Apply today and complete the NMAT registration process to avoid any last minute rush or technical failure.

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