How to overcome lack of concentration while studying

Push yourself and give your 100%


Have you ever wondered why your attention dwindles when you study?

Or why you fall fast asleep the moment you pick a book to read?

Or why you have a hard time concentrating on your work?

If you have thought about this, and are struggling with these problems, then it’s high time to overcome them. And we are here to help you with it. In this blog, we will try to help you with the twin problems of focus and concentration. Why? Because lack of concentration and the inability to focus cripples your studies, your work, your school, and almost everything imaginable.

Whether you want to excel in studies or prepare for entrance exams, you need to work on enhancing your focusing skills. Listed below are 8 simple ways to improve your focus:

Overcome your distractions

We live in a world that is full of distractions. Distractions break your focus. It keeps your mind preoccupied and reduces concentration. Be it Facebook, or Twitter, or E-mail, or YouTube, or Instagram, or incessant phone call and text messages, you come face to face with distractions every single day.

These distractions draw your attention away from studies. It keeps you away from accomplishing your study goals. Even a minute’s distraction goes a long way in impacting the way you study, and the the way you process information. Once distracted, it is very difficult to find the rhythm. By the time you come back to your books, you have to start all over again just to refresh your memory. This takes a whole new kind of effort. It is thus important to identify the things that distract you and overcome them. Do this, and you will find success in concentrating.

Join a study group

Lets admit it. Studies is boring. Studying alone is even more so. The maximum we can go is 1 hour at a stretch. But 1 hour of focused attention is not enough if you are actually serious about your life goals. With boredom comes concentration issues, and with this comes ineffective studying. So it is important that you take a different approach to studies.

If you are someone who hates to study alone, we suggest you to join a study group. Study groups are impactful communities for effective studies because you have a group of people who want to accomplish the same goals as you. The best part is that you interact with people and learn a lot from each other. Studying alone is a one way study process where you put in all the work in terms of studying. Studying in a group is a multi-directional study process where everyone comes together and actively contribute in elevating each other’s study efficiency.

Set timers

It has been rightly said that people perform best under pressure. When deadlines are involved, you know you have no choice but to give it your all. Lets say that you constantly think about other things. You are constantly distracted. You are busy day dreaming. And you don’t know how to get out of it.

If this sounds anything like you, working under a set time frame or deadline is probably a good idea. Working with a deadline gives you a goal to achieve in the stipulated time. This encourages you to focus better. If it is your work or study time then study as hard as you can in that particular hour and after that when it is your distraction time then don’t even think of books or studies.

Set up your study area

Study areas are important hub-spots for studying. It is your personal space. It is a place for you and your studies. It is the place where you sit for hours sometimes to study and make sense of the concepts that need intense deliberation. So it is important to set up a study area where you are actually able to sit down and concentrate. It has to be set up in a manner which is most comfortable for you. This is important in order to make use of your study area as a conducive study area where inspiration flows. Keep your study area clean and maintain a healthy stock of all necessary resources and material you will need to begin and finish your work. Do this and you will find yourself tremendously successful

Look for inspiration to motivate you

Lack of motivation is the perfect recipe for easy distraction. It is very easy to get distracted if you don’t feel the motivation in your bones. It is thus ideal that you try to find the thing that drives you. This makes it easy to stay motivated. And when you are motivated, you are not easily distracted. This  means it is easier to stay focused. This further means that you are more effective in your studies as you have the determination to learn which helps you in absorbing things better.

Follow a structured plan

Before beginning, you should plan and prioritize your studies. Prioritizing studies means preparing a scheduled plan of study and following it. Start with the most challenging subject and gradually move to the subjects you find easier. Get your harder tasks out of the way so that you feel more accomplished and relieved as you move to the easier tasks.

Avoid overworking

Make sure you take study breaks and avoid overworking yourself. To feel refreshed, it is important to take short breaks of 15 to 20 minutes. It is seen that the pressure of completing the syllabus can take a toll. Take study breaks but don’t make it too long otherwise it will be difficult to return and pick up from where you left.

Give equal importance to your health

Studies is important, but health is just as crucial. Eating right and exercising affects your study remarkably. Due to lack of time and stress, you may neglect your physical and mental health, which affects your focus in studies. Regular work out and right eating improves your mental health and reduces boredom. This means you will feel energized when you sit to study and your mind will be able to focus more.