5 Unconventional career choices you can make

Unconventional Career

A respectable degree from a reputed college and a respectable, safe & secure job is the only thing worth doing. Well, not anymore. Why? Like no two people are same, not anyone career is made for everyone. Today, more and more people are accepting the fact that it is not anymore that to succeed in life you need follow the conventional career paths available. In fact now one can follow their hobbies as a career too and all that is required is tapping your interest at the right time and formal training of the same.

Below are few unconventional the career choices that are widely accepted by students these days:

  1. Blogger – If you like writing and want to do something on your own then you could well take up blogging as a profession. Blogging now days is not about writing, in fact, it is a full-fledged career in itself. Anyone who has a knack for writing and likes to share his/her writing can aspire to choose blogging as a career. However, serious blogging also requires;
  • A professional training of SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • A lot of patience as the results don’t start coming very soon;
  • A regular update on the blog;
  • A clear focus on your interest area (you can blog about anything under the sun like career, education, money, savings, family, relationships etc);
  • A strong determination and not letting yourself bogged down.



  1. Stand-up Comedian – Recently, India has seen a huge rise in this sphere. A lot of people are coming out of their flourishing career to follow their passion of joke telling. It isn’t an easy job though. The art of telling jokes in a manner that you can make everyone laugh on them is an art and if you possess this art then this is the career for you and it doesn’t require any formal training but just more and more practice. Stand-up comedy in India has become a popular source of entertainment across many a mediums like television, internet and even live performances and it has a lot of audience in every medium. With people form top engineering, management and other colleges choosing standup comedy as a career, this form of comedy has seen a lot of change from nonsensical jokes to meaning satires.


  1. Spa Manager – Gone are the days when anyone would become a SPA Manager, now there are special spa management and training courses. So if being a masseur and therapist excites you this is a career for you. You many become a manager of a spa but massaging and doing therapies should be your forte too because as they say “a real manager is the one who knows his job well.” A good and proper SPA training institute will teach you everything about a spa right from massaging to pricing. It is a good career choice looking at the rise in this industry but it is advisable to have a formal training in it to make it a successful career.



  1. Pet Groomer – If animals make you fall weak on your knees and you can’t stop loving them then is a career for you. A pet groomer is the one who works towards enhancing a pet. This enhancement of pets means taking care of a pet’s appearance, personal hygiene, health issues. This is a relatively new career option in India but given the rise in awareness about animal health, this career choice is picking up fast. In fact a few schools have also been set up to train you in pet grooming so that you may make it a full-time career of yours. Pet grooming in India is really picking up fast specially for dogs, cats, horses and fishes but this career is only for those who have inbuilt love for animals and don’t get scared away from them.


  1. Fitness/Nutrition Trainer – Fitness needless to mention has caught a huge attention in our country lately. Now people are focusing on their fitness not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their health. With the increase in diseases and ailments even at the young age, people have become more and more conscious about their fitness and this has given rise to the demands of fitness/nutrition trainer in our country. To pursue this career you can opt for courses in physical education and nutrition. Many a course is available to lead you to this career path.


These are few unconventional careers that one may choose depending upon one’s liking. Following our hobbies, passions and likings as a career is the key to success which motivates us to push our boundaries every day. A career whether it is conventional or unconventional should align with our area of interests and we should always pursue a formal training of the same.

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