Last minute tips for CSE Mains 2018

cse mains 2018

The countdown to the CSE Mains 2018 has begun. Running against time to relentlessly adhere to strict schedules, complete daily targets, attempt mock tests to improve the actual performance, improve writing speed to achieve the goal of ‘20 in 3 hrs’ has become the norm before the decisive Civil Services Examination to be held on 28th September, 2018.

As the date closes in, Team CL IAS brings you ten last moment tips for CSE Mains 2018 which you should follow to improve your performance in the exam:

  1. Focus more on revising

You have given the maximum of your potential in covering the syllabus. Now it’s time to focus only on revising your learnings. Instead of adding new elements to your knowledge bank, it’s more prudent at this stage to revisit existing knowledge. This would ensure that you retain all the points and effectively cash upon it in actual exam.

Your schedule should only accommodate slots for revision, not additional study.

  1. Revise current affairs properly

The fact remains undisputed that current affairs are the main source of most of the questions that appear in CSE Mains. Thus its revision also demands equal importance. Map each topic with its keywords and related facts and figures and revisit them at least one day before the exam.

If possible, try to write two 3 hours exam a few days before actual exam so that writing for 6 hours does not seem too tedious.

  1. Read the question carefully

It’s important to have patience under pressure in the examination hall while you are reading the question. Try to pick out those questions which you are confident about. Give few seconds to understand the demand so that you structure your answer concisely.

  1. Keep the answer simple

Approach the complexity of the question with the simplicity of your words, without deviating from the actual demand. Don’t use too much technical jargon. Try to mention and highlight all the keywords.

  1. Stick to your strategy

If your strategy has paid you well earlier, don’t try to change it for a few more marks. All you need id to maximise your accuracy by building upon your strengths.

  1. Emphasize on proper structure

A well-structured answer is a sure shot to fetch more marks. This can happen only if you have read the question well. Break the questions into different parts and address each part with a respective subheading.

  1. Take care of the directives

Pay close attention to the word directives/ question tags given in each question.

These directives give the idea about how you are expected to structure the content and flow of your answer.

  1. Take care of the time ambit

Step into the examination hall with the resolve that you will finish all the questions. This is one of the game changers. Always have an eye on the clock and if you think you are falling behind the time, accelerate your speed.

9. Focus on your health

Your body and mind must remain healthy to produce a healthy coordination. Staying healthy during this last lap is more important than ever. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, and get adequate sleep.

10. Keep calm and ace CSE Mains 2018

Don’t get scared by the crowd at the centre. You are not one among them. Rather you belong to those few among them who are the actual sincere players. If your center of examination is in another city, reach there a day or 2 before the exam day.

Relax. Do not panic. Do not get nervous if the difficulty level of exam is high. Remember, difficult or easy, either way, it’s the same for everyone. Focus on the process not the outcome.

All the best!