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A Legal Maxim is an established principle or proposition. A principle of law universally admitted, as being a correct statement of the law, or as agreeable to natural reason. Most of the Latin Maxim, developed in the medieval era because Latin was the language of law and courts in the European Countries.

  1. Ab Initio– From the beginning
  2. Actusreus- A guilty deed or act
  3. Actusneminifacitinjuriam- The act of the law does no one wrong
  4. Actus non facitreum nisi mens sit rea– The act does not make any one guilty, unless it is coupled with a guilty mind
  5. Audi alterampartem– Hear the other side
  6. Bona fide– In good faith
  7. Caveat emptor– Let the buyer beware
  8. Consensus ad idem– Meeting of minds/ Agreement as to the same things
  9. Damnum sine injuria– Damage without legal injury
  10. De facto– In fact
  11. De Jure– / According to law
  12. De minimislex non-curat– The law does not notice trifling act/matter
  13. Ex nudopacto action non oritur– No action arise on a contract without a consideration
  14. Ex parte- Proceeding brought by one in absence of another
  15. Injuria non excusatinjuriam– A wrong does not excuse a wrong
  16. Ipso facto– By that very Fact
  17. Injuria sine damnu- Legal damage without any actual loss
  18. Judex non potestesse testis in propiracausa– A judge cannot be witness in his own cause
  19. Mensrea– Guilty state of Mind
  20. Nemodebetessejudex in propriacausa- No one can be judge in his own cause
  21. Prima facie– On the face of it
  22. Res ipsaloquiter- The thing speaks for itself
  23. Stare decisis- To stand be precedents
  24. Ubi jus ibiremedium- Where there is a right there is a remedy
  25. Volenti non fit inuria- Voluntary assumption of risk



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