Difference between IIMs’ offered programs


IIMs offer various programs for post graduate students. The programs differ in the duration, specialization and work experience, etc. There are further program divisions such as courses exclusively for working professionals, doctoral program, and more.

Read further to understand the difference between the offered programs at the IIMs:


PGP (Post Graduate Program in Management)

PGP (Post Graduate Program in Management) is the chief program of the entire IIM family. It is among the highly placed programmes in the world. The program is a two year, full time, residential program. The entire course is covered over 6 trimesters with an in-between intermediary of summer project. Designed to help the students become professional managers, it imparts the right conceptual fundamentals and skills to manage businesses with excellence. On completing the course, students are awarded with Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

  • 1st year: Core Management discipline courses
  • 2nd year: Choice of Elective courses

PGP- FABM (Food and Agribusiness Management)

Initially known as the PGP- ABM program, the new name of the course is now PGP- FABM. It is a full-time residential course designed to groom the future agribusiness leaders and entrepreneurs with confidence, competence, and skills.

  • The 1st year focuses on the core management discipline courses, while the 2nd year course consists of agro-based subjects.

PGPEM (Post Graduate Program in Enterprise Management)

A two year weekend program by IIM Bangalore, Post Graduate Program in Enterprise Management (PGPEM) is for working executives with a minimum work experience of four years after graduation. The program is intended to further polish the existing management skills of the working executives so they are able to manage bigger responsibilities.

  • The 1st year consists of core management courses.
  • The 2nd year consists of choice of elective courses.

PGPPM (PGP in Public Policy and Management)

Post Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management is a 1 year post graduate program by IIM Bangalore. Introduced in 2002, the program is set on sharpening the leadership and efficiency skills of administrators and policy-makers (civil servants). A two-week international immersion programme is a mandatory requirement of PGPPM.

PGPEX (Post Graduate Program for Executives) / EPGP (Executive Post Graduate Program in Management

EPGP/ PGPEX is for working professionals with 4 and over years of work experience who aspire to further enhance their capabilities and knowledge for leadership in organizations. Depending on the IIMs, EPGP is either a 1 year or 2 year course. Both core management courses and electives are offered. Some of the electives offered among many are:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Data Analytics
  • Operation & Strategy

PGPSM (Post Graduate Program in Sustainable Management)

Post Graduate in Sustainable Management is a full time, two year residential program by IIM Lucknow. The course subjects around ways to train the future management professionals with integrated perspective on different societal issues. The PGP-SM also provides other specialized courses on lifecycle management, social entrepreneurship, externalities, stakeholder management, public policy, and system thinking.

  • A professional work experience of at least 2 years is required to be eligible for this course.

PGDHRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management)

PGDM (HRM) is a two-year full time programme in Human Resource Management. The key areas in this course involve Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Information Systems, Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, etc. PGDM (HRM) aims to equip the students with skills and education required for HR management.

PGPBM (Post Graduate Program in Business Management)

PGPBM (PGP in Business Management) by IIM Tiruchirappalli was launched with the aim of grooming the working executives who will someday step into senior leadership roles. PGPBM is dedicated to bringing out capable professional managers who will achieve excellence in any sector.

FPM (Fellow Program in Management)

Fellow Program in Management (FPM) is a full time doctoral level program. The spread of the course varies from 2-5 years depending on the IIMs.  FPM program environments a strong and vibrant academic scenario. It produces brilliant academicians, management thinkers, and researchers.


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