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SP Jain Institute of Management & Research

About the Institute
SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) was established in 1981 in Mumbai. Inaugurated by the then British Prime Minister Hon’ble Margret Thatcher, SP Jain became one of the top ten B-schools of India by 1994-95. SPJIMR is located in the western suburbs of Andheri in Mumbai at a 45 acre sprawling campus.
SPJIMR is an autonomous management institute which offers several short term and long term programs. Some of the courses offered by the institution are:


How to make it to SP Jain?

Results Accepted


For PGDM Programme



For PGPM Programme


SP Jain receives around 15,000 applications every year out of which around 3000-5000 candidates are called for the next round of process.
There has been an increase in the total seats at SP Jain as depicted by the table below.

Table1(In the table above, 2012-13 means the interview year 2013, i.e. the batch of 2013-15)

The most recently revised fees of SP Jain has been tabulated below (as on May’15)





Inside SP Jain

SP Jain gives a lot of importance to diversity in its batches. The following data of the 2013-15 PGDM batch portrays the diversity of the batch.

GenderSPJGraduation Background Diversity
SP Jain is home to students from diverse educational backgrounds having varied skill sets. The following graphics gives a picture of this diversity.

Work Experience Based Diversity
A few years of work experience has proven to be a plus point for a candidate seeking admission in SP Jain.

Autumn Placements
SP Jain students undergo internships in autumn (after the 3rd semester) instead of summer internships at the end of the first year (i.e. after 2nd semester). This is due to the reason that only the basic courses are taught in the first year while a project requires some level of specialized knowledge. The number of pre-placement offers (PPOs) and pre-placement interviews (PPIs) as an outcome of autumn internship has consistently been more than 50 % over the years.

Some statistics of the latest Autumn Placements for the year 2014 have been given below.


Final Placements
SP Jain reaffirmed its position as one of the top B-schools of the country by showing exemplary performance in the placements of 2015. About 48% of its students were offered PPOs which depicts the good reputation that SP Jain enjoys in the industry. The following table gives the key statistics of the placements.




  1. I am a fresher.So, should I avoid SPJIMR? Since, it can be seen that they give more importance to work-ex. And,should I apply,then at what percentile do I have a chance?

    • A Ghosh, you should certainly apply to SPJIMR even if you’re a fresher. One of the reasons why freshers comprise of only 9% of the batch is the complexity of the round 2 of selection. Seasoned professionals, who’re working in a corporate setup, generally perform better in the group interviews. But, it eventually boils down to how well you perform.

      The call cut-off for SPJIMR, last year, went down till 94%ile in CAT and 92%ile in XAT. However, you should be aiming at a percentile in access of 98 to be safe (also depends on how good your past academic scores are).

    • Sujoy, I intended to write 98%ile. Please pardon my typo, which I have corrected now.
      SPIMR gives out two types of calls – Profile Based and Percentile Based. Profile based calls consider your academic profile and work experience. Profile based calls can go to as low as 93-94%ile.

      Otherwise, a 98+ should make you hopeful for the percentile based calls.

  2. hello sir
    if my score will be 90%ile, then should i get call from sp jain institute?
    however, i have work experience, 70% & 60% in class-12 and graduation respectively.

    • Gaurav, a GMAT score in excess of 650 will make you eligible for a call. Students are not required to take the IELTS or TOEFL exam. However, if you wish to study at SP Jain, Sydney, you have to take the IELTS exam for obtaining the Australian student visa.

  3. Hello Sir,
    Do they stress more on extra-curricular activities ? Is it worth applying if one doesn’t have much to show in the extra -curricular domain?

    • Sourav, to an extent, yes, SP Jain does stress on extra-curricular activities. But, it boils down to how well you can present, in the interview, those one or two extra-curricular activities that you may have. If you have good academic scores and a good percentile, it is highly unlikely that you won’t be called for the interview. You must apply to SP Jain.

  4. Hi Sir,

    I have represented my state and university in TT. Acads-X-81,XII-88,B,Tech-8.43, 3 yrs(IT) work-ex. At what percentile can I expect a call?
    And at what %ile would there be a realistic chance of making it?



  5. Profile (10th – 86, 12th – 73, Btech – 64) extra-curriculars- avg to sufficient, work – ex – 30months by Dec 2015 (24 – Infosys , 6 – electrical co.) . I want to apply for SPJAIN marketing /fin. At what percentile I will have a fair chance of getting a call (Last year cat score – 96.28)

    • Sir,
      10th-96%, 12th-85%,B.E- 84%, Average to good in co-curriculars, 18 months of work-ex in Supply chain(Manufacturing) in ITC. What percentile would probably fetch me a call from S.P. Jain.

      • Munna, an overall percentile of above 94-95 would definitely get you a SP Jain call. Your profile is good enough for an SP Jain convert. You must start preparing for the round 2 as soon as possible.

  6. sir, is it true that s.p. jain selects on the basis of work-ex and past academic record? since I’m a fresher and even my acad record isn’t that great so should I apply for it or not?

    • Tanya, SP Jain gives out two types of calls – Profile based and Score Based. For the profile based calls, work-ex and past academic record is of the utmost importance. However, for the score based calls it is more important to present your positive aspects during the interview. There, the lack the work-ex and the poor academic record can be logically explained in the interview.

  7. Hello Sir, I have 90+ in xth and xii th. 79% in B.Tech and currently working in a public sector enterprise (30 months of work experience in total).I have been a part of an NGO during my college days and also actively participated in many sports activities. Do I stand a chance for a call through profile based selection?