Best steps for Exam Preparation


Exam preparation is a long and exhausting task. However, the process gets easier with the right planning. Of course, hard work and meticulous studying is very crucial in acing the exams but it is equally crucial to structure an exam plan in order to keep the mind focused and awake. Below are some of the best steps one can take for a more effective examination preparation-

Making a Time-table:

The first and most important step is the creation of a timetable. With a proper time-table, you can map out the amount of syllabus and topics that you can cover during the planned time. It’s always better to set the time early in the morning because that is when the brain is fresh and the capacity to absorb more is at peak. Given that there are people who prefer to study at night, if that’s your practice, ensure a proper 6-8 hours of sleep to get proper rest.

Take breaks in-between:

Make sure to take breaks in between study hours. It is important and healthy to give the mind some refreshing rest. You can perform your hobbies or pass time doing the things you like such as singing, painting, or listening to music. The mind needs to stay away from studies on a periodic basis to extract and store maximum information inside.

Using study apps:

Make studying more productive by using the modern technologies such as study apps, online tests, etc. This way, you can mix the traditional and modern ways of studying resulting in interesting yet productive outcome. In today’s age, there are so many apps that provide general knowledge on a daily basis/ exam notifications, and more, and this is very helpful for preparing competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC exams, etc.

Keep taking mock tests:

Make mock tests a crucial part of your preparation. It is very helpful in giving ideas on paper pattern and structure. Pick previous years’ question papers from the market and practice to boost your preparation and answering speed. This is part of studying smart and nothing beats studying smart.


Studying hard doesn’t mean studying till the very last minute of the time of exam. When it’s time to enter the exam hall to actually write the papers, make sure to put the books away 20-30 minutes prior. This will give your mind a chance to relax and gather the information that has already been stored during the earlier hours of preparation.