Afghanistan or Talibanistan?


Afghanistan, a country with a rich history of immense cultural significance, is perhaps now facing oblivion curse because of barbaric actions, which have destroyed it to the core.

Not only has the Taliban contributed to this long painful saga but also the intervention of US and NATO forces have failed to bring Afghanistan back from the brink. The US assumed that Operation Enduring Freedom, launched in 2001, would be a silver bullet to bring the Taliban down. However, all it left behind was a bloody trail of chaos, pain, instability, and insecurity.

With the resurrection of a Taliban that is more powerful and with a stronger foothold, it appears that the protracted efforts towards making Afghanistan a self-sufficient & stable democracy has been badly defeated. A study conducted by the BBC on the present presence of Taliban in Afghanistan leaves one spellbound. It states that the Taliban threatens at least 70% of the country’s territory. Thus, the militants are at their strongest since 2001.

According to the American news website FDD’s The Long War Journal, the militants are in complete control of at least 13% of the Afghan provinces; and are contesting for control in 50%.

The image below will help us understand the situation better:

Courtesy: Al Jazeera

Source: The Long War Journal

Some experts opine that gradually Afghanistan is turning into Talibanistan, owing to expansion of the Taliban.

After the withdrawal of the US troops from the region, it is pertinent to reflect on the situation from the context of which country would try to emulate the US—if not in terms of deploying the military but towards strengthening the social and political scenario of the country.

India and China, together with Pakistan, should try to provide a permanent solution to Afghanistan’s precarious situation by reviving her economy, improving the educational institutions, and enhancing the health infrastructure. An eye-for-an-eye attitude towards the Taliban will only act as a Band-Aid; the real solution is to resuscitate the country by not letting it become Talibanistan.

Sherry A Singh
Product Anchor, Civil Services, Career Launcher