Ace GK section of SSC-CGL with online GK sessions

SSC CGL GK Sessions
SSC CGL GK Sessions

Career Launcher has launched a new product “ Online GK sessions, for SSC CGL 2016 aspirants. The sessions aim at gearing up students at this last juncture of SSC CGL 2016. This is the time when aspirants try to assimilate maximum information pertaining to general awareness. This section is usually a bottleneck in competitive exams like SSC CGL. General Knowledge is one vast subject, in which even the brightest minds can topple while answering questions. This is probably the weakest spot of maximum chunk of SSC-CGL aspirants and can significantly boil down their performance. Keeping this in mind, CL has introduced 22 online GK sessions, intensively covering every facet of all subjects- from intimidating facts in History to bizarre properties in Physics. It’s been only a week and the GK sessions have already drawn huge audience. Looks like SSC-CGL 2016 is going to be a cakewalk for the CLites now!

Let’s see what our students, who attended the session have to say:

Pankaj Kumar “In one word, I would call the Macroeconomics session as fantabulous. The two-hour experience gave me all that I wanted to know to ace SSC-CGL exam. The session was beautifully designed to enlighten us about the diverse concepts of Macroeconomics.  Transition from one topic to another was very subtle, in order to avoid any confusion. The explanations to various topics were apt and informative. I particularly thought that being from an engineering background, I would find it difficult to understand this commerce subject. But I must say, I feel all the more confident now.”

Vineet- “In school days, I didn’t like Biology but I was not aware that it is intensively tested in SSC CGL. I had a lot of expectations from these online sessions. No doubt, my expectations have been met and all my queries have been resolved. The sessions were exhaustive and covered relevant details of the subject. I would recommend these online sessions to all SSC CGL aspirants.”

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