Top Social Work Careers in India

Top Social Work Careers in India

Love helping people? Want to make difference to people’s lives on day to day basis? Helping others or assisting individuals in coping with stress, navigating their lives towards a proper path gives you happiness?

Then, Social Work is an ideal career option for you. The section of society which faces illiteracy, poverty has seen a rise of more severe issues like crime against women, a crime against the girl child, health hazards. Whereas amongst the literate, working and urban section of the society there is a tremendous increase in stress and inability of people in managing a work-life balance and this has lead to increase in demand for more social workers.

Let us discuss top Social Work careers in India:

  1. Substance abuse counselor – This is one the top social work careers in India. Substance abusers are habitual users of harmful substances such as drugs. The job of a substance abuse counselor is to help those who are addicts in rehabilitating. Substance abuse counselors many times work with the addicts’ family or medical supervisors. They mainly focus on providing emotional support and motivation to the addict especially at the times of relapses, anger fits, and mood swings. The job of Substance abuse counselors is not just to assist the addicts but also to spread awareness and conduct outreach programs to inform people about dangers of harmful substances and advantages of a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Medical Health Social Worker – Medical health social workers help connect medical patients with community services. They work to ensure that these patients are being cared for properly. Many times they act as a communication channel between these patients and their caregiver bodies. They take care of all the necessary formalities like paperwork etc. Medical health social workers fight for patients’ rights and act as a source of love and concern during difficult times. The jobs in this arena are expected to increase tremendously in upcoming years.


  1. Child Welfare Worker – A role of child welfare worker requires love, compassion, and sensitivity for children. The child welfare workers generally work for children who are neglected or abused by their families. These children are generally from the low-income group or broken families. A child welfare worker supports such children and their families by connecting them with community services which can provide them with basic necessities. At times these child welfare workers have to support children as a parent which is especially required especially when a child is abused by his/her family or if they have faced abuse from someone else.


  1. School Social Worker – This job profile is also one of the top social work careers in India. School social workers thrive to promote mental health and well-being of students. They help students with proper social and educational development and also ensure that they receive proper educational care. They act as a bridge between school and students’ families to match their educational and personal needs and ensure that they are being met. School social workers also ensure that various behavioral programs, sexual education programs, health education programs, effective communication programs are being organized by schools for students at various stages.


  1. Social Work Teacher – A social work teacher imparts into their student’s knowledge, skills, and ethics related to social work field. Social work teachers at different levels make, formulate the course structure and ensure that it is imparted inside the classrooms properly. A social work teachers’ area of teaching includes social administration, social policies, human behavior, human welfare and other social causes. Social work teachers’ ensures that the future social workers are well equipped with the nitty-gritty of social work.


(Source- The expected salaries have been taken from This is an average salary bracket in India Rs.235, 102 – Rs. 1,100,000)


These are few top Social work careers in India. If you require any further information you may please leave a comment with us.